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SuperWockeez! Jabbawockeez and Super Crew came together in this performance at the world finals for the 1on1 breaking competition called the Red Bull BC One.


Davisson Han says:

don’t think anyone is gonna contest the sprouts thing. and i’m sure everyone appreciates that you have your opinions. it’s just when you say “unimpressive”, it kinda sounds like you’re condescending their efforts which i’m sure wasn’t what you meant, it’s just what it sounds like on a youtube comment section. personally, I actually think it’s interesting that someone hasn’t loved their stuff, fresh perspective and such

Kelline Pickett says:

That could be true, may be I don’t appreciate the subtleties…but what we know is that I find this unimpressive. It’s not an insult to them or a problem with me, I just don’t find it impressive. It’s just an opinion. I also don’t like brussel sprouts, so please don’t tell me I might be missing the subtle nuances of the mighty sprout.

Davisson Han says:

i kinda feel like you don’t quite appreciate the subtleties involved with their level of/this kind of dance. which is fine if it’s not your cup of tea, bboying doesn’t make sense to everyone. i just wouldn’t say they’re “unimpressive”. cheers

Davisson Han says:

alert the masses by the bangerz. it’s on their new prism sound track for jabba

Kelline Pickett says:

Dude, YOU could dance like them, anyone could with rhythm. Look, we all have opinions, this one is mine. Deal with it.

James Creed says:

Try looking at more then one dancer the idea is to see the whole picture

Andrew Liu says:

of you could try to dance like they do, and then talk.

Kevin Yuan says:


Kelline Pickett says:

I don’t know, they don’t really seem to be doing anything impressive but using a few robotic moves and then moving in sync at times with one another, I wasn’t all that impressed. May be this isn’t their finest work or the whole point is just to kind of sync up and wiggle a lot. (shrugs). May be I’m comparing them to the wrong style of dancing or something. It could also be the camera angle and the fact that it’s filmed as it happens without special editing. I found it unremarkable, as dance goes

Marquez Sims says:

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Hanna Lily says:

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Justin Gunter says:


Malik Aikman says:

The whole song set is called legends never die

Alex Mercer says:

Yeah Filipino Pride Jabbawockies

GBODZO Wez says:

tu es ki


yeah men i didn’t notice it till read this haha,but JBWKZ still rule.

Mibetbro A says:

SONGS AT 0:50 and 2:00 ????

Daniel Pereira says:

dança pra caralho isso sim

Amanda Muxfeldt says:

só escuto os eita porra uhaueh


they r such a bad ass

yongyong lai says:


Ivan Ficher says:

What is the name of this song
Plis is really important¡¡¡¡

lucymusicalfreak says:

whats the name of the first song, when the child is talking? :)))

oldschoolman1 says:

Shit I didn’t even notice till I read your comment! 

Robert Hightower says:

My favorite dance crew

TooRaww Clan says:

Jabbawockeez Always Show Out! Haha, My Favorite Dance Crew!

KenLopezYokohama says:

Thanks bro

NoobNo3More says:

lose your mind by the bangerz.

christopher torres says:

como que tipo de vestuario es ese?

Tempest Nirvana says:


david masiel says:

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Dkrogue eiei says:

Wow!! Woww!!! Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

Welken James Go says:

very ..nice ! Whooo God Bless JABBAWOCKEEZ  .!

bobby18894 says:

man they are like living toys amazing

KenLopezYokohama says:

whats the song at 4:23?

mrkuyakuya says:

yo guys the jabbawockeez posted a video on this performance on their YT channel. Has a great documentary of their journey leading up to the performance. peep it here: /watch?v=Rm_8WSbOR-Q

mrkuyakuya says:

awesome coverage, i saw red bulls coverage of this show and it was strait garbage.They didnt capture the routine the right way. Thanks for all the dope dance vids YAK!

BlueRanger435 says:

Best part 2:02 through 2:32

YJK says:

search “mus.i.c.”

jutsuking93 says:

Bangerz new cd

Isaac Lepez says:

Soy malo recordando caras, asi que… donde esta Super Crew ?? o también estaban vestidos como los Jabba´s ?? .-.

Santiab85 says:

Como se llama la primera cancion?

luisroyer55 says:

la rraja wn ,terrible cordinacion. good

teyega wuh says:

can anyone tell me what the move is where he uses his shoulders and legs to move on the ground at 4:02?

mindalis45 says:

Song the music!!

TOM4HAWX says:

What’s that song at 2:04

Tatenda Chirowodza says:

their coordination is amazing

wazo2020 says:

niggas dnt clap in brazil

manuel hernandez says:


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