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Seba from WildCard BellyDance teaches Hip Bump (also known as Pivot Bump) This move includes the Arc-turn and is demonstrated leading from both the right and…


Peyton Notter says:

this is great and helpful thanks , btw are you saying graceful and fertile?

purpleseba says:

I’m not sure exactly how you use this move in Zumba, there are many forms of this move in different styles of bellydance. In our format, we call it hip bump, but it is also called pivot bump or choo choo if you are using it to travel. We don’t use our upper body to drive this movement, rather, keep both knees bent and push into the ball of the foot to bump the hip up. It’s important to keep both knees bent, and make sure one does not push themselves farther than they feel comfortable.

deanne macintosh says:

Thanka for htis breakdown, I am a Zumba instructor and we “try” to incorporate this move into class and I constantly get people who take belly dancing classes that I am doing it wrong. Should I be calling this move the Choo choo or Tribal move. I love how you use the stilettloo as a way to teach. My worry is someone will pop out their hip as I teach older women. Should I say to use their uper body to move them? Please help! I love your moves and teaching style!

HippiePrincessLaLa says:

THANK YOU for showing what goes on with the feet while you are doing these moves. Most videos omit that and when you are trying at home to do this stuff it really leaves you at a loss for what your actual positioning is supposed to be. Thanks again!

purpleseba says:

I encourage people to branch out and find the style that they fall in love with. All dance is wonderful!

Lynarette says:

Should I learn arab style belly dance before I get futher into tribal?

purpleseba says:

Hi…this is Seba, thanks for the compliment! The pants are by Melodia. She makes incredible dance clothes. You can find her online.

AshNightArya says:

Your hair is just GORGEOUS! What a relatable teaching style you have, thank you. Where did you purchase your pants? They look perfect for my Tribal style….Love and Light, Arya

aneesall says:


danomoon says:

@ravenselene You are correct in that this move is also known as choo choo When you travel with the move. Good question!

ravenselene says:

I learned that as a Choo Choo, is the choo choo a different thing in ats?

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