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Best Harlem Shake Ever!


jaxen nochebuena says:

That was funny as hell

LennonZarebski16 says:

This is one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen in my life…

XxImaniGamergurlxX says:

yea that’s the point

xXFreezzieXx says:

C elle au debut??? o_O oh my fucking god that’s great man. !!

xXFreezzieXx says:

C elle au debut o_O

xXTheOsSsXx says:

Mon pauvre Sanki, il te font du mal… :/

Richard Cotton says:

yeah man,vid was all good up to 14 seconds,then fat bastard came in and ate cute blonde,ha ha ha, PIG! Wassup Dude,was McDonalds closed?

emma11195 says:


Dj Comiso says:

xD soooo funny ever the best

lolrw8 says:

It started and i knew it was gonna happen.

Dmitry Kashlev says:

Jelly man

Александр Баженов says:

Сука, я чуть не обоссался под столом!!!! хахахахаха

tillwedie9 says:

i like his boondock saints poster

Fnzboy1 says:

Wheres the beginning from? 😉

danny mcclure says:

was the best,until they ruined it with the slob

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