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What is Lap dance— This article is about the erotic dance. Lap or couch contact dance demonstration at the 2008 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo A lap dance is…


superbeatz15 says:

sexiest lapdance

Maymanre says:

fucking for only song that so great woow

lola heffer says:

i wanna do it anyone up for it

Brittany Mccants says:

damnn im finna do that damce with my girl

amy horan says:

How did i get here stupid utube

hazel trap says:


ThUgIsH LiFeDoE says:

OmG <'3 das hella Sexy (; I want u guys Lol cx

ahriahna harvey says:

your so good

Trop TOP says:

so sexy !

Gilbert Figgles says:

yall good i wanna join

commanderswag23 says:

Chris Brown- Sex

ampalicious8 says:

Whats the song

mary didych says:

i wish i was one of those girls

babacar mbodj says:

i know that girl she used to go my school

amarieupshur says:

My address 8203

falloutnewvegas1able says:

Come fuck me

Tegram Tasmut says:


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