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Niki’s BOOTY BURN Workout HOWTO Tutorial shows you how to get a a bum that is better than Brazil Butt. Forget that Brazillian Butt Lift workout. Niki’s Booty is better than a Brazil Bum anyday. Watch the tutorial for Niki’s Booty Burn Workout which contains all the tips and tricks so you can perform the workout in perfect form and hence get the best possible results. Let us know how long it took you. GET YOUR SANDBAG by clicking the link below.

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REPEAT for 3 rounds – NO REST !

1. Kneeling Booty Curl RHS x 20 reps
2. Sandbag RHS Curtsy x 10 reps
3. Sandbag Booty Squats (heels up) x 8 reps

4. Kneeling Booty Curl LHS x 20 reps
5. Sandbag LHS Curtsy x 10 reps
6. Sandbag Booty Squats (heels up) x 8 reps

7. Boxer Skip x 20 steps

8. Super Slow Squat @ 8-4-2 x 5 reps

REPEAT for 3 rounds – NO REST !


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