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Omg some new type of LapDance style in Brazil. I thought it would be smexy =] Ended up looking painful and funny as shit. Check out the old man at the end wh…


Dennis Goyette says:

Brown pink eye

Andrew Bucur says:

I’ll be in Brazil this Tuesday. First things first, I’m looking for this

Aranda Mason says:

Woah chill out omg

ReaganDinoKing says:

nigga just got aids in his mouth

Rylee Wilkins says:

he coulda broke his nose!

beastymister12 says:

Lol her ass probably stank ^.<

TheButterbreze says:

2 words butt hurt

Maria Ramirez says:


bklyn ox says:

2 words Heaven Sent!!!

triggastatus says:

u mean brown eye 😉

alyatri says:

hahahahahaha hahahahahahah !!!1

andrew phhillips says:


Duda Borges says:


delsub2 says:

no we are not latrino. look at the state of your continent – an extended brothel infested with bastards, perverts, criminals and blue collar scum.

Duda Borges says:

You mother is dirty!

delsub2 says:

brazil in particular and latrin america in general is the slut capital of the world, the perversion capital of the world, the blue collar capital of the world, the bastard capital of the world

Duda Borges says:

your mother…

RussX5Z says:

Oh my god this does look pretty disrespectful to men! Ha ha ha!!! Hodgetwins was right!!

Curlyman92 says:

dafuq did I just watch?

Татьяна Граншель says:

please tell me name of this song

Samantha Swain says:

what the fuck

1592giselle says:

ahahha tooo funny :’)


his face must be smelling like some real shit boy what if she didn’t wipe? 0_0

crapotoa says:

his face must be smelling like some real shit boy what if she didn’t wipe? 0_0

delsub2 says:

brazilians are subhuman

IrjiDudek says:

epic fail

Don Geberit says:

1 word Boner

iRuLeAnUsUcK says:

if you want pink eye do this children

LouisOnTop911 says:

he looks very scared every time she attacks him

jose villanueva says:

kids this is how you get a pink eye

EstlJayDub10 says:

2 words fracture dick

Brandon Espinoza says:

hmmmm i smell something uh oh! >.

cj copeland says:

dam im done

tmccall777 says:

Pink eye and whip lash

alyssacooney says:


123456qwertyuiop915 says:

and that ladies N gentlemen is how you can get PINK EYE

OX1994AU says:

imagine her just farting lmao

Tiago Hikaru says:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahhahahahaha terrible!

Jocelyn Ferreira says:

bash e me bunda bash e bash e a bunda!

Tia Mason says:


Razjon78 says:

dont u mean dirty ass?

Jocelyn Ferreira says:

it’s saying move your ass.. it’s portuguese

ZzEeTtOo1 says:

What? How did you Know? Jajaja!

187ONaNOOB says:

where can i get one of these

Nahalosa0714 says:

the fuck o-o

BiqqBennettK23 says:

iHope She Fresh Out The Shower

BigtitsMcgy says:

Nigga got AIDS in the mouth

MacDaxon says:

Strippers in East St. Louis have been doing this kinda thing for years…

Rafael Strazzer says:

Poor man.

yousuk40 says:

lol she is right

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