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This is a remake of some of my old Nya Nya dance videos starring Cody. ^3^ Meme (c) webkinzlid Character (c) me.


TheTj2003 says:

Cody is the best :)

Branson Becker says:

am i the only one who gets the feeling that cody should start spinning?

SuperEvilShadowWolf says:

Cody iz awesome!!!!!! :D

Branson Becker says:

Go Cody

drgigan2001 says:

i love cody =3

Margie Hickey says:

*Has random sezuire on floor*

JoAnn RaptorGirl says:

you mean PredRaptors

Eliteboy2e7 says:

Uhh Well this is new Because i useally see preds killing and not dancing

amirul arif zahir mawi says:

ouch the flash made my eyes hurt but whatever i like it

JoAnn RaptorGirl says:

idk :/

englishjoannfan says:

BTW this is my fav vid

englishjoannfan says:

Will u make carmelldasen with cody,nycro, and angela in it?

ag britan says:

* alari puts her cat paw on his mask*
alari: cody are you ok????
cody:no im too ugly
alari: i think your not ugly cody

SayinWarriorCat says:

no. Vic Mignogna (sarcasm) (well kinda……) (Vic really is beutiful but yea i ment cody) (im not good at sarcasm)

JoAnn RaptorGirl says:

who? cody?

piccolofan24 . says:

I love it

Sorasonic11 says:

Me: *watches the video*
Cody: What are you watching
Me: *punches the comp and makes a hole* NOTHING!!!!

SayinWarriorCat says:

Ur face is to beutiful!

JoAnn RaptorGirl says:

Cody:(stops and looks at you) O_o? why?

monolopho10 says:

Ok,I know I didn’t explain it…the flashing colours

JoAnn RaptorGirl says:

Thanks! :D

Marisa Kirisame says:

nice artwork+animation! :)

JoAnn RaptorGirl says:

……….I don’t know what your talking about

monolopho10 says:

Awesome, but to make it INSANE,put the colours darker. I mean, in the middle of the bar with the tonalities of that color. But still awesome

1Spinosaurusboy says:

this is AWSOME!!!!xD

PokeChick9119 says:

ow the flashing colours hurt my eyes but its still awesome 😀

JoAnn RaptorGirl says:


flipflopkitty02 says:

i love the beggining how he took off his mask c:

SayinWarriorCat says:


nospellsno10 says:

Is this wanna of the times Cody takes off his mask?

Ninavelociraptor says:

you managed it again xD another great vid 😀

JoAnn RaptorGirl says:

lol yeah xd

DinoGirl500 says:

awwww, so cute xD also, it would be really funny if nycro walked in x3

darkmandoom1 says:


JoAnn RaptorGirl says:

thanks ^_^

Sorasonic11 says:

Nice :D

MrJLM18 says:

Cool, as always. =D

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