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International Belly Dance Festival “Halva” 27-28 April 2013 organized by BDC of Alla Kushnir (Kiev, Ukraine). Evening Gala show. Performance of professional …


olivia pedrotti Oliveira says:

muito lindos seus videos,vc ja veio ao brasil?

brent little says:

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rocknrollglitter234 says:

Gorgeous performance!
What is the name of the tabla solo?

ramsy121681 says:

she’s hot! she’s amazing!. she also looks a lot like sarah brightman

Krishna Khatri says:

Brellient really wonderful

Dan Lockhart says:

best belly dance I have ever seen, and I’ve seen Greek, Lebanese, and Arab bellydancing

Siren Housecarl says:

Nice balance. very pretty.

Anna Galvan says:

Como se llama esa cancion es bonita

Anna Galvan says:

Alla kushnier eres hermosisima 😀

Connie Guevara says:

o.O wow wonderful!!!!

Zaenal Subkhi says:

I Love that perfect

BoomFly26 says:

I love that costume! Her belly roll was awesome too.

sofiaskinito says:

She’s a very good belly dancer. Look for another video she was back there’!!!!:-)

max camman says:

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lm2530 says:

There have been many beautiful bellydancers over the years, but Alla Kushnir deserves to be ranked with the best ever! Very beautiful! Very talented! Great body and two of the best legs I’ve ever seen! Love watching your videos Alla!

halimabellydance1 says:

Beautiful Alla! can you tell me the name of the drum solo please?

yoyonvegas1 says:

U go girl!

Faizeh Raqs says:

Passion + technique!! The best combination!

brandon f Johnson says:

AIWA AIWA!! 🙂 You are magnificent!!

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