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6 Degrees Salsa Competition 2010. Did you get caught on this video? Let your friends know! Video produced by Fandango Video Productions. Visit our website ht…


lancelot1953 says:

Could someone tell me what band & song title that Edgar & Yulia are performing to around 04:56 time frame? I appreciate it, thank you,

lancelot1953 says:

Hi Alejo,
I fully agree with you & I wish that more people read your comments before making negative remarks on the performance of other dancers. These performers have spent year(s) practicing these moves, let us appreciate their work & make constructive comments if anything. I have worked in Latin American countries & noticed that they really emphasized “putting your heart & soul” into dance figures first instead of performing “many many” steps. Ciao, L

roshan limbu says:

can i get the song name which is played for first couple ????

Hillary7ful says:

the dark guy dancing at 2:00 has so much SABOR !


competizione mondiale , ma farebbero bene a scendere di peso, ma per favore

kentilsha13 says:

Bullshit! Bong deserved that win! He was robbed!

Iangwiazda says:

Whats the intro song name?

anyas pinky says:

beeeeautiful pair at min 3

Melany Chitoe says:

Don’t like this at all, basicly the only thing their doing is making turn after turn after turn..

lentreedesartistes says:

Un superbe spectacle, super vidéo 🙂

Nouveau : Salsa cubaine chez nous aussi ! 🙂

Merci de vous abonnez à notre chaine et visionner les vidéos ! 🙂

Partenariat possible. 🙂

Jessie Oryall says:

Hey! Anybody know the songs at the very opening of the video (the intro) and also the one that starts at 0:56. Thanks!

Vanessa Galano says:

what’s the full name of viktor and katia ?

bikemtn says:

orlando & mira 1:24 the girl has a great smile =)

Sumon Kumar says:

Hello there, have you considered “FlamaDance” (just do a Google search for it…)? There you will find a good free video explaining the way to dance Jive, FoxTrot, Tango, Waltz, Cha Cha, Rhumba, Samba and Salsa. This is why Bryce learned to dance just like a star very quickly and therefore drop some weight. It might help you also.

Kary P. says:

eso no es nada comparado a los bailarines latinos!!! los latinos tenems mas sabor!!! pero bailan suer bien!!! =)

mecamus1 says:

Je trouve que le troisième couple gagnants avait un peu plus de groove dans ses mouvements. J’aurais aimé qu’il soit premier. Néanmoins, les premiers sont aussi excellent ! Ils le tous, bon, mais différent dans leurs styles. C’est très subjectif ! Bravo à tous.

ColombianoAlejo says:

Definitely agree with you, may be biased because I’m Colombian but I truly believe in our salsa style we express the true flavor of Salsa, not only do we turn but we kill the floor with pinpoint footwork. You take away the spins and all these guys are doing is walking in circles around the woman. All learned in a studio, no actual flavor.

BetseyFactor says:

I definitely agree Java and Patience should have been much higher. It was judged based on the outfits:/

nina5997 says:

i think the couple that came 1rst and the couple in that came 4rth are the best!

buzzcity01 says:

Wow, that was shameful that Java & Patience came in 6th. They were the only pair that really captured the passion & enthusiam of the music. All the rest was just fluffy window dressing. No shines, no movement around the floor.

Lenorek333 says:

viktor and Katia from montreal danced salsa? I didnt notice…I noticed only turn around, turn around, 20x turn around and spin, spin, spin, few basic steps..but where was some salsa moves, some passion?? Totally not agree with winners, it looks like they havent that in blood..only many hours training..sorry but white people shouldnt win competitions of salsa or reggaeton or bachata or another.

Ivo Sandoval says:

MotownJunkie81 says:

TOTALLY agree!!!!

exilover1 says:

i never found LA style a beautifull dance style !! its pure figure after figure – but the style forgot to dance with the music–
sorry –

TheFandangovideoguy says:

Email me at [email protected]

Jessie Machowski says:

Hey, can I use this video for my Spanish project?

nycityluv009 says:

Goooood Job!

Lile79Nia says:

good very goodddddddd :) love dance 🙂

hornetnh2o says:


Loulouga Archa Gag says:

France tu as un beau costume wow


Erick, congrats! this video looks hot, excellent job… wow!

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