American Support of Arab Spring: Tunisian’s PerspectiveThe Aspen Institute – Paepcke AuditoriumPolitical leaders from around the world discuss women’s global struggle for democracy. Laura Alonso, Steve Clemons, Amira Yahyaoui, Kah Walla are in discussion. Location: Paepcke Auditorium”
The ‘Arab Spring’ has changed several political regimes in the Middle East, shaping modern culture in the Arab World. With Turkey’s political influence on the up throughout the Middle East, how much sway does the country’s TV and movie exports hold? “‘Forbidden Love,’ ‘Mohanad and Samar’…There is another one ‘Falling Leaves’, I like them a lot.” Auhood, an Iraqi tourist told euronews…
Cisco Systems CEO and Chairman John Chambers has announced anambitious effort to help create 12,000 high-tech jobs in Israel’sdistressed Arab sector over the next four years. Chambers said theinitiative represents a significant expansion of “Ma’antech,” ayear-old project launched by major high-tech companies and backed bythe Israeli president that aims to reduce gaps between Israeli Arabsand Jews. Arabs make up roughly one-fifth of Israel’s 8 millioncitizens.
The head of UK intelligence, Jonathan Evans, says the turmoil that followed the Arab Spring allowed extremists to gain a foothold in the Arab world. Middle East peace activist, Franklin Lamb, believes that this warning…Read Full Article at RT.comPowered by Producer : Russia Today
In an attempt to solve its draft problems, Israel may have created more. A new law that calls for the conscription of Israel’s Arab minority has many upset over being forced to serve a government violently at odds with…Read Full Article at RT.comPowered by Producer : Russia Today
from tribe Bani sheher in south saudi arabia.
Local Girl from Syria is Dancing in hijab to entertain her client.
Cool pictures from the Arab World :
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Some of our favorite Latinas like their men young. In honor of May-December relationships, here’s our list of cougars on the prawl. The Duchess of Alba, Amria del Rosario Cayetana ALfonsa Victoria Eugenia Francisca Fitz-James Stuart, tied the knot for the third time to husband Alfonso Diez, who is just 25 years her junior. Jennnifer Lopez’s boyfriend Casper Smart, is 18 years her junior. Mariah Carey married a much younger Nick Canon, and despite rumors that the couple wouldn’t last, they now have twins Morrocan and Monroe. Businessman Nick Loeb found his cougar in fiancée Sofia Vergara. Loeb popped the [More]
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3 MINUTE UPDATE Detroit Tigers overcame Miguel Cabrera’s injury and beat the Chicago White Sox 7-3! Los Angeles Dodgers on a winning streak since 1955! Plus see who won the 100th Tour de France!
El tècnic portuguès diu, però, que en cas d’assolir la final, seria una victòria col·lectiva.
El president del Barça ha repassat l’actualitat blaugrana en roda de premsa.