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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Video by Daniel Lôbo Support Oona on Facebook:


newstart49 says:

And all those years, fireman just slid down the poles…… and never knew.

Zina Fang says:

She’s just a hater, instead of appreciating talent she wants to judge oona of her physical looks…smh

chattin123456 says:

please tell me you’re not serious…just in case you are serious: yes, she is a she. have you seen gymnasts and the like? their bodies are extremely muscular and “manly” if you will. this sport is as demanding as or even more demanding than gymnastics on the muscles, so the women who practice long hours, as i’m sure she has, will naturally build a lot of muscle.

misitif says:

but props for the performance, great job.

misitif says:

u guys sure its a she :/
he/she looks kinda manly to me

Elven Mage Jr says:

It’s the sluttiest sport i’ve ever seen… i like it.

wonderingheights says:

Only if you make me a sandwich first

Ella Brandt says:

no wonder she won.. jeez

ElReimuh says:

Well that’s also full of shit 😀

Der Jabberwocky says:

Ein Kraftpacket!!

Yasu167 says:

Wow!!!!! this girl rocks!!! she awesome!!! most has spent a lot of time in practice!

hungrymothergoose says:

WOOOW. so damn impressive!

KellyKellyxox xo says:

omg not all ppl want pole dancing to be sexy!!!

max camman says:

There are a lot of sexy girls on landofcams . com that get naked FOR FREE, much better than this

shayla sullivan says:

your a clown that girl was Gangsta!

iris bloom says:

theres a pole dance world cup? seriously who comes up with this stuff

everythingbabynames says:


LaughLightLove says:

I thought it was meant to be sexy? She’s way too harsh – she looked like she’d snap that pole in an instant. Not beautiful to watch (and I’m a straight girl) it was just like a bloke flinging himself about! Graceful would’ve been better.

Alexandra Sutton says:

theres not much difference. where do you think they started? lol.

asherasator says:

It’s great, looks like gymnastics. This is more about the brass pole & not the man pole.

stecy delpierre says:

aie aie aie … rien a dire elle dechire tout juste un petit mot continue ce que tu fais c’est vraiement jolie !!!

Destini Bailey says:

I absolutely loved your performance keep up the great work.

paotangkao says:

Surgical precision!

Marly Duran says:

That is a display of what it means to be an athlete! Awesome example of control & concentration. I agree, this should be in the Olympics. We have people who just jump over poles, this is much harder.

MsMerising says:

Ditto. She showcased the athletic/strength element of poledancing superbly.

honeyspidersp says:

So beautiful

TearInTheRose says:

:O respect

Dylan Costello says:

Just saying this now Guys. Theres a difference between A STRIPPER. And A Pole Dancer Ones for malepurposes The others a sport Get them figured out

renlvscock says:

As soon as i saw her amazing body i knew this would be good…

women21able says:

that was great like shit be in the Olympic

KoreaLover786 says:

Daymmmm those girls got absss

DeeDee Olson says:

So gracefull


Great! Yes, should be in Olympic competitions.

kaszugat says:

Vitsit miten hienoa!

MsCoyl says:

ух ты епты

HotLikeTila says:

amazing… so beautiful

DetergentRat says:

This is basically Rhythmic Gymnastics using a vertical bar.

kirilkastipsa says:

Thanks for uploading this video on my birthday 🙂 Kiitos paljoa

Radiodress Calvo says:

what an inspiration

canadiancritters says:

How is this not sexy? A woman doesn’t have to get naked or perform overly-sexualized moves such as pelvic thrusting or grinding on the pole to be sexy. The strength and elegance in Oona’s performance is incredible and very sexy! The fluid way her muscles move is very impressive and erotic.

Jennifer Sanford says:

lol wooooow

She M says:

Wow. Just wow.

TheBigCheese233 says:


mjanelleable says:

Take my money.

justicefadingtoblack says:

1:02 – 1:15 my Gooooooood!!!

IzZbooicu says:

Well I think that this routine was meant to be fierce, fast paced and stunt-filled, kind of like the accompanying music. She has other videos in which she performed much more slowly and gracefully. Variety is nice. 🙂

8234076nxxir says:

Not really. This isn’t really high impact, its just very strenuous. Even activities like jogging hurts your joints much worse

Steve Watson says:

Love it. Should be in the Olympics.

ceanna muzzy says:


ceanna muzzy says:

say 123 if u think that one girl is sexyyyyyy

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