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sexy dance.


jjgnbf says:

Los arabes palurdos salieron de un desierto, copiaron todo de persas y bizantinos, cuando llegaron a España aqui habia un estado constituido que era el estado Visigodo, sucesor de Roma, o sea arquitectura, ingenieria, irrigacion, baños publicos, arte, cultura, escultura, teatro, lirica etc etc etc, los arabes no enseñaron nada a nadie, copìaron lo de otra gente.
Me alegro de que mis antepasados os hecharan a patadas.

Daski69 says:

most importantly though, there was extremely little mixing between the two, so arabs still remain sand niggers whereas spaniards are europeans

besides, arabs didn’t conquer spain (which back then was NOT a nation), the moors did

Isidro Garcia says:

what song was really playing in this club? i’m curious cuz i know it’s not the song the video is playing

chikhegaz says:

Xxx telcharge

Awais Khan says:

plz send a full song

ShiZi999 says:

carina, you can look like them also!! 🙂

ninbazi says:

All the women are jealous! haha she is beautiful love her dance

Asif Ali says:

me 2

Afg420Icon says:


Ricardo De La Vega says:

What I like the most of this video i the envy look of all ther other girls LOL!

MiddleEasternBeauti says:

You say cultures were never the same??Hmmm…LOL!,in ancient times,MANY spaniard muslims and spaniard christians spoke in arabic and followed arabic customs when arabs were living in spain.Spaniards adopted many things from arabs which is why spain is much more exotic and has a middle eastern feel when you compare it to northenr europe.Aski anyone that has been to spain,they would tell you that spain as a country has a big middle eastern influence.

MiddleEasternBeauti says:

You clearly dont know the history of arabs in spain.I think you should study before saying they isnt any influences.Arabs ruled spain for almost a thousand years.A 800 years in influence on a country does not go away.Its been a long time since arabs and jews were expelled from spain,but their influences are still found in spaniards from language,culture,dances,foods,traditions,and even by blood believe it or not.

MiddleEasternBeauti says:

Their introduction of other fruits and vegetables,herbs and spices into old spanish dishes is one of the earliest forims of cooking that is now classically known as fusion.The traditional spanish fances contian arabic influences.

MiddleEasternBeauti says:

Spain today is still heavily influenced by the arab occupation.Its towns and cities like Granada and Bordaba retain magnificent architecture and they are often a focus point for many visiting tourists.Many towns and cities still have arabic names.Some expressions typical of the spaniard people are based upon moorish poetric one liners.

MiddleEasternBeauti says:

You must be blind.Spanish language has thousands of arabic words,there are some spanish ideas in cultures and traditions that date back to when arabs ruled spain.Spanish hospitality,espically those of southern spain are infulenced by arabs.

Ahmed Eliba says:

the song playing is : Elissa – Baddy Doub

MiddleEasternBeauti says:

How so???turks infact adopted many ideas and their culture from arabs.And spanish culture espically those of southern spain have some similarties to arabs,since arabs had spain for almost a thousand years.

Ahmad Nahas says:

Its Elissa singing- Lebanese singer

Arslan Janjua says:

what is name of song, i need exact name

banlamai says:

the singer is “Alissa” and she is lebanese. she has many videaos on u tube

0641353115 says:

name of the singers????? damn, i get the hik of this music! like heaven to my ears!

ROHAN7182 says:

beuiful dance,a woman spl.2:04 she’s hot

Jill Ball says:

@2.04, one envious jealous woman..

Dibipable says:

the Iran, the Spain, the Portugal, the Sicile etc with the arabo-musulman conquest… 😉 I stop. I wish at you a good day :-).

Dibipable says:

Sorry i’m french and my english is very bad… Rectification: Before the islam, the arab culture was greatly influenced by the persian culture… and after the islam also. And after the islam she was also much influenced by the roman, greek, chinese, indian etc culture. It’s known. Search and you will seeing that. But after the islam the arabo-musulmane culture was also very influenced the Turkey,

Arabchick21 says:

Once again that is false! you need to learn some history,and stop talking if you dont know much.Persians and turks are influenced by arabs.You can deny it all you want but thats a major fact.Now stop writing comments toward me if you cant keep them instead of delating them.

Arabchick21 says:

That would be false! 🙂 a big percentage of persian and turkish culture comes from the arabs.You need to learn some history.Do you know that persians use arabic alphabet??and many of the turkish language has arabic words????Persians and turks are influenced by the arabs.

Dibipable says:

But a big percentage of the arabian culture come of the persian and turkish culture.

mike ans says:

every man who sees tits out skinny women right away hooooot women

ikson153 says:

Badi doub

Ryan Rao says:

Please someone – what is the song title??

Ryan Rao says:

What is the song playing?

kraftlage says:

oh sexy dance women ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wawwwwwwwwwwww hot

Mario Torio says:

I’m from an Andalucian ancestry. I love this music as well as musica flamenca y bailes de andalus. I’m a muslim tambien. That’s why I really like this video. Muchas gracias.Schukran!

NaderTony says:

This chic might as well take her clothes off.  This is cheesy.

Nadia K says:

that’s for the historical side! beautiful music and song by Lebanese against the singer is nothing to do with Arab-Andalusian singing. But then merging the two is beautiful, art is universal, it knows no boundaries as well as love.

Nadia K says:

Flamenco is of Arab origin.
our articles uses, see Flamenco (film, 1995) and Andalusian (disambiguation).
Flamenco is a musical genre and dance created by the Andalusian gypsy people, based on a popular folklore from the Arab culture that will flourish over the centuries in Andalucia. Flamenco comes from the Nuba, some of which (has lost half) spread in the Maghreb during the expulsion of Muslims from the Iberian Peninsula.

Arabchick21 says:

Flamenco,spanish language,and culture is mostly from arab influences and not berbers.And moors were arabs from the middle east who conquered north africa and from north africa along side berbers they conquered spain.So really spainards and gypsies owe most of there influences to the arabs from the middle east and not berbers.

Arabchick21 says:

If your wondering the people in the video are arab midldle easterners an not spanish.But lol spanish and arabs are very beautiful.

Taner Alacalıoğlu says:

beyaz memeee bi danede bundan olsun ağa

manluvf says:

its arabic song with spanish remix..the dancers and ppls r arabs middle eastern

manluvf says:

this song since 12 years

Raja Flamenco says:

Jose Fernandez

bestworldever07 says:

hell no!

Shahbaz Khan says:

Do you know the name of this slut

bestworldever07 says:

sure she is
but in Arab countries, we call them sluts

Shahbaz Khan says:

I know the original song but this lady in the audience is unbelievable

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