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ObeyCheechChonqq says:

That Lucky BASTER(; Lol. I Want A Lapdance From Youu:) Lol..

kmorrison6693 says:

Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Tre melvin voice!

1freshstunna says:


Herbert King says:

she just murdered that shit

herreramariela78 says:

u got killer dance moves 😉 outfit choice kinda funny, i wouldnt have worn that sweater shirt 🙂 n.e ways i.woulda.been.grabbin dat ass;)

MrUno20 says:

Dem socks. Dat ass. So sexy.

Shante Deal says:

U should make a tutorial u killed this shit ma and I wanna learn

Giovanna Laurent says:

The boys face lol

The Legacy Famila says:

That girl fine as fuck

LeahakaBabygurl says:

nice one! his face was killing me the whole time tho haha

Teeny Tiny says:

Lovin this tho :)

Lynette Flowers says:

– Nooooooo, he … he wasn’t ready for all that asssss.!

RedBone Indya says:

Is that your boyfriend

mariahsmith626 says:

lmao he dont know what to do

Stephanie Johnson says:

gurls a hella dancer on everthing im stillin this lol 🙂

dwatts1985 says:

definitely need more vids like this posted….tired of seein females doin the same ish dancin alone or wit some otha female

pattyortiz883 says:

damn u killed it .:) lol he dont know what to do wic dat lol

tequilaflowers124 says:

He lyke damm .

Ashle' Lowman says:

lOL, You Did A Good Job Tho! 🙂

Nisha Tucker says:

Damn gurl u killed it

obin501 says:

teach me

erikacontreras0715 says:

Lmao all I was looking at was his facial expressions ctfu but you killed it

lovezj57 says:

Heyy i want one i can do it better than he can

jazzphoo709 says:

He tried to play it off like he wasn’t into dat  shit

camitooalive says:

damn you killed it.. sexy

simpsionmalik says:

I want one sooooooo bad.

glamtasticbb says:

at first hes all on his phone not paying attention.. then magically hes ready to fuck. lol

these videos are always so trashy. but wow your really good!!

lashayaw64 says:

Love it please want to learn girl

ayyjayy johnson says:


Wale Lewis says:

Any volunteers?

fitchgirl02 says:

ok lol (jeez)

rogersshambreka1235 says:


croomskeley521 says:

I kind face

croomskeley521 says:

His race ugly

AsaantaBeezy says:

lmao his facial expression is priceless oml!

but she killed that STR8UP/.

Lil Red says:

Damn lmao he aint know what to do with himself!!

chastody mullinax says:


Marissa Reyes says:

Teach meee

zinap44 says:

, his face the whole time ! ctfuuu ..

Rondell Edwards says:

Damn she a problem

lalaland2199 says:

@coolio33388 why does it matter if she can do it on dick or not ?

Shirby Georges says:

LMFAOOOO his face 🙁

Oma Eme says:

PLEASE MORE!!!! I WANNA LEARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KillaBarbiee says:

She looks little af! Gross

TheXxRaDiOAcTivExx says:

Lmaoo that nigga face ugly

SteadyDreamz says:


Jerome Simmons says:

hey! get off of Wesley Snipes be4 you owe taxes too

jmoneyyy02 says:

this was sooooo gooooddddd !

steve charles says:

i was wondering where u get those types of shorts from ? — Jessica —

6bang says:

Say no to vertical videos.

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