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George Tzitzifas says:

According to your reliable wikipedia facts, there is a 700 year gap in references. I highly doubt that burlesque performers (Since 1880s, Sexually suggestive dialogue, dance, plotlines and staging were a core part of burlesque performances, and by 1930, stripping was its main focus) studied 700 year-old indian & chineese practices. Modern stripping originates ina cabaret performance, which is a mainly EROTIC art. Art indeed, but EROTIC. Get your facts straight, and don’t try to innocentize it.

Meundie says:

Dude, what the fuck. That’s where this all started, men, you can’t be like “no, no that doesn’t count because back then it wasn’t known as an actual thing”, because that’s basically what you’re saying. Yeah, maybe pole dancing came into media and the general world because of stripping, but don’t claim it didn’t came from what I just quoted, that’s just bullshit. You get over the fact that it’s not the stripping it orginated from.

George Tzitzifas says:

“for men”. That’s acrobatic circus acts, NOT dancing. MODERN pole *dancing* traces back to strippers. I can’t imagine indian men or chineese circus acrobats dancing to sleazy stripping music. Get over it, no matter how hard you will try to convince since 2000 to justify your love for pole dancing, it originates from there. And there’s nothing bad about it, but don’t try to innocentize it. Stripping made it what it is today, not circus acts.

Meundie says:

“Pole dancing can be traced back at least eight hundred years. Mallakhamb [7] is a traditional Indian sport for men” – Oh really? That’s wikipedia for you.

Sonntam says:

This should not be physically possible. WITCHCRAFT.

Lucia Putruele says:

i don’t think why peolple think that stripping it’s a bad thing, i love that girls have the power of taking their clothes off and been beautiful. pole dance rocks.

senfdazugeber12 says:

i would love to lick her beauty feet

Dain Gerous says:

Originates from stripping? oh yea? is that a fact?

Lol so why don’t you enlighten us on the history and etymology of stripping since you know of this origination, Guru.

George Tzitzifas says:

It should. It originates from stripping, and it will always be associated with it, no matter if some puritan fools try to “innocentize” it.

Joong Hee Soh says:

awe of human body 🙂

MrWhoevr says:


SneakyNinjaSistas says:

Gymnastics + ballet + acrobatics =pole dancing

xJessJonesx says:

The upper body strength on her is incredible!

Rachel Jochen says:

I would love for athletes like this to gain the recognition they deserve, Bravo Jenyne!!

angelaa m says:

Stunning performance…

dangerman0708 says:


Angela Rachel says:

this have to be categorized as a sport. like, look at her.. she’s like a gymnast and a ballerina on a pole!

mhtinla says:

So powerful
So graceful

emilymahcy1993 says:

Ugh those shoes really put me off.

VanessaShineMakeUp says:

Jennyne it is thanks to you that I discovered the pole dance, you’re my idol, his devu have my passion, I have it as video on my channel 🙂
big kisses <3

90nvme says:

looks like the circus talent has taken on a role

Sharaallan says:

oh wow she’s making me go and buy a pole and start dancing 🙂 she’s amazing

laura d says:

So beautiful and elegant.

oneyelucky says:

You’re right I don’t, but I do know what that pole stands for. And please get out of my thoughts.

wolfgange63 says:

Angel by Massive Attack

wolfgange63 says:

The most entertaining sexiest dance I have ever seen! Jenyne what talent you have!

WTF87182 says:

I never thought the day would come that I washed I was a poll..

mozbius says:

Jenyne there’s going to be a competition in Montreal, Canada called Hilarious Riders Pole Revolution on June 15, 2013… It would be awesome to see you compete there!

Dave Culver says:

This woman is like Swam Lake on the pole … Simply amazing & beautiful to watch elegance in motion.

kimberlyfarraj says:

She is unbelievable!! Puts strippers to shame, she is a true athlete..

BBA28728 says:

this is pure muscle strength man…

Explo Caty says:

Can someone tell me name of song? Thanks :)))

Richard Weeg says:

@Dain Gerous I cant agree more ! Pure talent and physical indurance !

oneyelucky says:

Well… Rumors say “All ‘Pole-Dancers’ do it so they can pay for their collage tuition” I don’t think this one does this for collage tuition, I think she’s in it for the love. No need to be feminist about it.

Wechopsalmon says:

what the hell does college have to do with anything

EsaLoca says:

Now that was fucking amazing!! The absolute power, strength and control over your body movements is off the charts! I’ve always been curious and wanted to learn now to pole dance. Watching this just makes me think about it more seriously. Awesome job!

oneyelucky says:

I don’t think she goes to college.

awakenbeing says:

This girl is stronger than most of the beef cakes at my gym. Very inspirational!

TheRealHBC says:

I just about swallowed my tongue when she dropped headfirst. I was convinced that she was gonna break her neck. Not just the incredible skill and strength, but also the courage it takes to practice and perform like this blows my mind. I am thoroughly impressed.

findKhristine says:

when you’re learning this. you learn each move as a skill and you eventually you build upon these. it’s like, how would you judge gymnastics?

MidnightRedemption says:

pole dancing, how does it work?

angela williams says:

amazing amazing talent talent vegas baby!!!

Taylor Jennings says:

this stuff should be in the Olympics

Michaela Wik says:

Un-friggin-belieavable! My jaw just hit the floor …

Kristinprn00 says:

Amazing and Beautiful!

aznauk says:

I can do that! Someone hold my glass of wine…

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