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Ivory Coast – Dance Galore – Aesthetic Booty Dance – Mapouka Mania I.


Meliane Gnagne says:

ca me rappelle le village!

Cap Smithers says:


webb quake says:

this is even nothing

AlissaLinoJoaquin says:

wow.. u can download the full video here [ bit .ly/VxmEhG ]

danielastar10 says:

wawa si ballaaaaaaa

mutalek9404 says:


Pearce Sammy says:

It only those that have not been to Africa especially West Africa that will think that these butts are fake. My girl friend’s ass
is far bigger those on the video. It is firm and round. It blends with her hips and you can notice the good shape even when you look at her from the front.

nubianxl says:

I thought I was doing something by making my ass clap,until I seen these women,omg how do u make it shake so fast so precisely to the beat of the drum,I am going to study this art!!!!!!!!!

doully seven says:

Only in Africa , big cock for big butts!

Harrahshow says:

Big What

lovembig41 says:

ALL NATURAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Money Maker says:

hold up now… You gonna get yourself in trouble, I’m the type to tell you to show us that big ass on your page!

bundakissa says:

@MagicKidsUsa: Amen! its like we can’t have anything good. what would they think if they saw my big #$%&!

Money Maker says:

it’s so hilarious that people question authenticity of African asses now.. Next thing you know, they gonna question whether or not they’re REALLY Black people when the rest of the world decides that it’s fashionable to bleach their skin black.

Money Maker says:

not only are those real booties but I used to tease my ex-girlfriend for having what I called an “African booty” and hers is bigger than ANY of them girls’ in the video with the same size waist or smaller!

xxrenesmee45xx says:

this made me wondered where my ass disappeared too lol

22bootylover says:

o really what part what do they eat to make they ass phat

22bootylover says:

what do they eat 2 make them asses phat

22bootylover says:

it nothing fakke bout them asses

eshamo2006 says:

As a female this video sent chills down my spine, for some reason I feel connected to my African ancestors, I’m a African American, and all I can say is that globally (Jamaica, Haiti, Barbados, etc) we are naturally gifted when it comes to dancing, I’m not gay but these sister are home grown. people are paying money to get asses like these sistas

joseph kaka says:


roxis6 says:

do think that this girls have time pump up booty, for what ?
pls this is real perhaps you are envy, or do think this the westerns that lack booty , this is Africa it is natural pls .

blacksuga18 says:

yes i am african to and i have the same buttttttttt!!

pabotchie says:

I think I’ve just died and appeared in heaven!

1notenough says:

Just fake booty.Please keep mapouka real.

maehl005 says:

le meilleur groupe de danse traditionnel en COTE D IVOIRE, malheureusement on entend plus parler d eux

Victoria Luciano says:

are you for real? no such thing as fake ANYTHING in africa.

Iyamabige10 says:

de belle fesse ohhhhhhhhhhh

mrzavion says:

no they are wearing depends

chiboy60 says:

Africans are blessed with natural butts, real and thick and not like the once most Americans spends thousands of dollars trying to get…

kellynclub says:

They were carefully selected so their butts are real. Africa is the home of big butted women!

cmbmichelle3 says:

I KNO they practice..cant tell mi nuttin bout dat lol

nik nak says:

Are their butts real?

tendesy nzara says:

i think we should try and do it will be nic eand very sexy but it will a NO UNDER 18

Nimba Maat says:

unless you’re a white girl, you will NEVER get those type of butts.LOOL

Nimba Maat says:

Oh God thank you for making me an African and especially from Cote d’Ivoire.Oh boy, I love my Ivorian women are the sexiest and beautiful women on earth. Eh Dja!!!

Nayankkaa says:

Ah du bon Mapouka des Aisis, propre originale ça fait plaisir…!

kimberlymady says:

how do they get butt.

Karen Kakou says:

Madison Wisconsin, and Milwakee have some great Africain dance Org where you can pratice that.; or Google african association that way you gonna have result of what you are looking for.

kebasm says:

where can I go to see dancing like this? does anyone do this in the USA

Ivorybeauty225 says:

treès belle danse traditionnelle!!!

killintymm says:

can they dance like this naked on the lap

thotsins says:

HA! Another good video.

Nowhere else is the “Bionic-Butt” or “Bionic-hips” mastered but in Africa!

Love my people!

Renjifo1682 says:

hey !!! hey is that you ?

I’ve been on a cam chat with this chick

Link 2 her profile @ DateHerSafe(^)com/profile?=6533

dolbyDea says:

Yea that camgirl dance like monkey on crack…I would not pay to watch that camgurl. Actualy, I dont pay for No camgirl cuz i see all the naked camgurlz I want for free all naked and doing their stuff just by watching the old archives on Tinyurl(dot)com/msgycw -their archive is fuckin big and its takin me awhile to get thru them over 3000 pages of vids. Thas how I get all tha beet off stuff I want. It’s healthy? to cum!

girigorie says:


Snipeace Chris.H. says:

Original mapouka tres sexy attirant et a la fois tres respectable paske pas vulgarité gratuite …^^

Snipeace Chris.H. says:

awesome, superbe, sexy, cooool ^^

oyouwanna says:


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