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Harlem Shake is so popular now that even girls are not being left behind to enjoy the shakes. This is the best compilation for the girls Harlem Shake. See th…


andrius kraujutis says:

well 2.29m sexy girl!

Rana Aly says:

Aaaaaa7aaaaa they are very sexy girls

lo3186196 says:

wtf is thtis? bad bad bad.

lo3186196 says:

wtf is thtis? bad bad bad.

Sania Scott says:

Wow that was weird

Naeem Malik says:

Then YouTube will impose Age restriction on my this video too…LOLZ

TheHarlemShake17 says:

Wish they took off their clothes

Naeem Malik says:

Oh Yes

Naeem Malik says:

Thanks Mate

xAlonzoPR says:


Madison Hampton II says:

last one was the best XD

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