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Brandon Perry says:

find a name. location. fukin zip. its like the pole just gave birth to her so she could perform this dance and disappear to da place strippers fear most. (poles dat lost there hoes) were chances of being found .01%. U would have better chance of getting a lapdance and the stripper telling u no keep your 20 bucks. BTW i fell for that once. thT 20 u felt so gifted on jot having to pay. Pffft turns into hundreds letter. i thought she cared. (Hoes with no Poles) lets find the info

Brandon Perry says:

its unreal and just pissin me da fukoff. Cantt

max camman says:

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invesible101 says:

hay mamasita… i would let you drop that sweaty taco meat all over my mexican chorizo… whooos ur ppaaapi??? whoooos ur ppaaapi???? hay mama porque no le ponemos carne ha esse tamal??

DigitalLove000 says:

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Oscar Flores says:

ha its still only youtube. found a site the other day which is out of control just real horny girls who want to skype and get naughty hit this up in your browser bit.lyVouhHh

ferminsy says:


Aut0matix88 says:

Still one of my favorite vids

musafir sejati sejati says:

nice, needs toning up a little, but really nice!

TheShospitali says:

nice, needs toning up a little, but really nice!

chinopr37 says:

I wat sex whit you

jon holmes says:

look at that thing go watch?v=qvRKenIgnmo&list=HL1353995056&feature=mh_lolz

Antin Ton says:

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morenomijangos1 says:

Why was the pointof having the pole there she didn’t even use it

ShredST says:

Her name’s Sophie, though I don’t think there’s any other video of her that is free.

TheEverydayhustler says:


dude u must be blind or really into fat asses that are from 250lb woman

Brandon Perry says:


Brandon Perry says:

Fuck I hate when they don’t put names in the details. What’s this ho’

ptingyou says:

y so many dislike?

Malik Summerlin says:

damn it

Rob9463 says:

Amazing !
The music rocks too.
Is there a link to see more of her ?

hotmichelle86 says:

i wanna deepthroat a throbbing cock.. contact me at 1nighters com

eihollow says:

dick raising dance

Cenusha Mc says:

ihhh, your discusting man , wipe that off!

Itsursnaresh Naresh says:

fuck with me baby i totally satisfy u

KraL uLan says:

wow fena add me baby

hotmichelle86 says:

im rubbing my hot chocha .. hit me up at 1nighters . com

291fuckyou says:

i wanna fuck you hard !!!

PrincessLouiseX says:

check out my profile for some sexy videos of me 😉 xx

kristīne Perro says:

i wanna move like that :O

hilock1208 says:

She knows how to move also use an expression too. She rocks! Bravo!

hotmichelle86 says:

fingering my tight kitty .. hit me up at 1nighters . com

Jonny6Foot says:

No ass

Jose Maria says:

Adoro essa mulher. Alguem sabe o nome dela ?

alexandrebaraka1 says:

nice ass

Alan Ruehs says:

by far the sexiest strip video…she is amazing!

lwillie3000 says:


EGIBSO says:

very sexy nice

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