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The best 6 dancing couples of Dance Masters 2010, Bucharest, Romania. Latin final with rumba, cha cha, samba, jive, passo doble. Couple 316 won the first pla…


TheJellymonty says:

Damn i could dance like this

rynie88 says:

anna-ludwig’s dancing is SO weird.

TheManWithNoShadow says:

couple No340 – the most dramatic rumba i’ve ever seen 😀

annaglemond says:

Why are they so lousy?
Maybe not! Maybe I just get used to watching Yulia & Riccardo, and Joanna & Michael dancing!!!

cresgiatch says:

jose feliciano – amor gitano – rhumba

cresgiatch says:

nice selection of songs…

paulcave87 says:

Actually i’m pretty sure the Rumba is just called “Amor Gitano” and it’s by ‘José Feliciano’ I found it on itunes the album is: ‘La Historia de Jose Feliciano’
hope this helps

11sorayaa1 says:

Please name song PASO DOBLE

StefanoPascal says:

Samba: Danny Brilliant – Ma fiancee
Rumba: La lupe – Amor gitano
Paso doble: Lynn Garner – Malaguena – Keep the circle turning

StefanoPascal says:

Samba: Danny Brillant – Ma fiancee
Rumba: La lupe – Amor gitano
Paso doble: Lynn Garner – Malaguena (Keep the circle turning Album)

niiCkje says:

name of the samba

AL Ivascu says:

Numele piesei de rumba?

hopahiphop says:

cha cha song is : relax max – dinah washington

Michael Cristi says:

melodia de paso doble cum se numeste??? the name of paso doble song???

StefanoPascal says:

Jive: Adriano Celetano – Svalutation

amantoiu says:

True… my mistake…already updated.

Jasmina Styles says:

jaif?is called jive!

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