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Nice Dance with Nice SONG.


lot khan says:

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David Jones says:

Sadie is a totally amazine dancer.

shifa58banu says:

Mashallah She is so beautiful amd warm hearted

platon solon says:

She is really amazing belly dancer!

TheBluelagoon1234 says:

totally didnt expect her to have that accent. All good, she’s so talented, that performance was amazing x

SUMON853 says:


ghostking9245 says:

I was afraid her dress would fall off with all that movement XD

Siddharth Gupta says:


mac shay says:

the control is unreal…

Rakib Hassan says:

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Lunao09 says:

So effortless! Amazing

lastfanstanding999 says:

dancing and beauty aside… she seems really cool,



aameen alamdi says:

helo.good afternoon

aameen alamdi says:

good evening.

aameen alamdi says:

helo,good after noon,

helanaffati says:

Elle dense trop trop bien je like

Tuomas Hannula says:


aameen alamdi says:

helo good afternoon

aameen alamdi says:

helo,good afternoon

widad lebenammar says:

Wow….This is beautiful,she has total control of her moves. it goes to show that if you love music and dance,it does not matter what ethnic background you are from.

Dinesh Yadav says:

like most great performance.

Scott Krumwiede says:

She is Sooo Hot and dances GREAT!!!!

jylbek71 says:

OMG, she is amazing!!

ilovedancing2478 says:

Women r beautiful creatures..

Mrs. Seextee says:

haha I can’t believe she is from Wisconsin!

Mrs. Seextee says:


danny ane says:

Linda dança muitoooooooooo!

sam khalid says:

waooo bst dance

Mohammed Sallim says:

uma das mulheres mais lindas que ja vi fazer bem a dança do ventre…parabens !!!

alex Fernandez says:


Khaliq Rehman says:

Brilliant! very very best

Andrew Taylor says:

2:57 Me too. Damn. Me gusta. Now imagine a woman with her skills twerking.

lowratehitman says:

Thats what Im talking about!

pishylu says:

Her moves match the music so well you would think her body was making the sounds if you didn’t know any better… It is so amazing

pishylu says:

I’ve watched countless belly dance vids on youtube and hers is probably the best I’ve ever seen

SaidaJackson2010 says:


ravi sahni says:

only one word for her AWESOME.

oezlemflower says:

awesome !

Mathew Namou says:

Very nice it’s amazing

Zlatko Gazikovic says:

Hmmmm this wideo would like my doughter hahaaha cuz shes the belly dancer on the world

Fabio Bezerra says:


NashwanMedia says:

The best piece of bellydance I’ve ever seen

Marie PIERRE says:

Thank you so much for sharing so much beauty and art in one QUEEN of elegance. I think this is closest one can get to perfection in dance.

NyPiinkFloyd17 says:

So difficult :X

NaaNoo alshehri says:

اخيرا لقيت المقطع 🙂

irfan nizamani says:

wah wah

Elsa15kiss says:

What is the name of the song and by who?

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