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Arab Sexy Dance Raining Money Over Girl.


mahmoud elamer says:

هلا والله بالعراق

abg tua says:

stupid man in the world

Amin Abdullah says:

so your motherchod?

64igeR says:


batmanrebuilt says:

conspiracy your mom and dad you motherchod…mouh415

batmanrebuilt says:

islam is the religeon of motherchods…this is what this guy shows us….i m a muslim by birth

Danny6470 says:


mouh415 says:

Who can prove that he is an Arabic man?? anybody can do it even a !!!! so, beware guys, conspiracies are everywhere…

Michael Jordan says:

I’m make it rain on dem hoes!!!

dgdhqgdyukqud says:

I’ve seen people long time ago when I was a child and only at marriage party they were throwing in secular world/giving money in envelopes in not secular world as a gift for them, of course not for sex, but there are many kind of religion all over.

NUVISI0N says:

WDF NOOO. aoothooo minahh

sajju majju says:

كبير حرامى شيخ 🙁

hani shakir says:

This is haram in islam…. Prohibited,,,

Muakhol Corp says:

Juancoookkk…. May Allah Blessing you… this is arabian but not moslem.. but you is Dajjal ass!!!! I Want To Destroy You.. Fuck You……. The Daajalism…..

hujoom100 says:

May Allah Guide …..!Ameen

HamodiBlackOps says:


xhejarx1 says:

with all that maney hey can marry 10 women

plasdex82 says:

Arab Money!!!!

Ms58h1 says:

Do not judge everyone for a section or two sections
All religions contain good people and bad people
This anomaly

These Muslims by name only

rachmat1945 says:


sebbeking1 says:

Oil money…

alvin tumang says:

this is not good for all muslim this video is really fucking shit,mostly the fucking fake arab men trowing money for a woman is this the way u treat a woman burn u to hell fucking bullshit arab men…….

David stevies says:

MUSLIM PEOPLE – drink alcohol,prostitution-THIS TELL KORAN ?…..ISLAM -are good religion i ask..

David stevies says:

I ask ISLAM -are good religion? this tell KORAN ?

Umer Javed says:

aaaaa arabiiii haramiiii
ik adi thadi aithay wi sut dali daya

charm2eyes says:

is the singer crying for thats guy’s money ?

Victor Mallo Dabi says:


asif6179 says:

مجھے نکاح کروانے کے لیےدس لاکھ مالی امداد کی ضرورت ہے
مخیر حضرات سے گزارش ہے کہ
[ HBL ]
کےسیونگ اکاؤنٹ نمبر

میں دل کھول کر عطیات دیں

tarbozkhan says:

arabs are animalssssssssssssssssss

jugoslavija1990 says:

Even though im a sunni moslem from Ex Yugoslavia i say this, fuck you stinking ass arab bitches.

HTLAR1991 says:


SaudiArabianDrifters says:

Guys im An Saudi Arabian
And yess All The saudi Arabians Are Rich But We Dont Act Like This Dude
And Btw The Curency is “Saudi Arabian Riyal” Please Guys Thumbs up

Feker Ferjani says:

mridh yna3en zabour omm wéldih !!

SidiKash says:

this guy is a pimp

jugoslavija1990 says:

Fuck them. They think that they are friends with Israel and USA, and they are safe..but when Palestine fall and Iran starts so fuck Israel. Then we will se what happens with Saudi Arabia, Islam will win, and the moslem countrys will attack Saudi and kill them all. They need to be killed..fucktard dont help theys brothers in Palestine and Lebanon.

Rina Rafuna says:

They think the world is theirs because they have money! fake moslems.

jugoslavija1990 says:

ahahaha good.

Rina Rafuna says:

ahahaahaha i agree .

jugoslavija1990 says:

Cuz they are all catipalist cocksuckers and fake moslems. A band of whores are they.

Rina Rafuna says:

why ?

jugoslavija1990 says:

No, cuz they are a bunch of assholes

Rina Rafuna says:

Fuck ??? fuck because the arabian have moneyy? LOL

jugoslavija1990 says:

Fuck Saudi Arabia.

MultiAdem1996 says:


Avrasyakurdu says:

This is not true face of islam… this is face of arab old culture…

Leon Sharko says:

this guy make muslims look soo bad ….. guys islam not like this this is not allow on islam ..!!!

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