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HappySmilez07 says:

Go Zendaya!

mollyr0418 says:

i love the way Val protects zendaya

Michaia Gardner says:

That was sooo god made me want to get up and dance

olliebelieber14 says:

I never realised how good zendaya was, I think I’m obsessed now…

cbahr74 says:

Zendaya is so lucky. I would kill to dance with those two. All three make it look so easy. Zendaya looks like a pro.

YSRA Hoffman says:


FindingNemoRox says:

awww the awkward high five…..

Erica Balaga says:

I love how Val is so protective over Zendaya. So sweet!

cashy7183980 says:

She looks so tall…. Jelly of her height….

DavisSuperstar78 says:

When she has no make up on and when she makes jokes, I really see that she’s 16 lol

MariaaJaeeLoveee says:

Dancing with the stars has really shown how good of a dancers Zendaya is. In Shake it Up it doesn’t show her talent as much as Dancing with the stars do !!!! Hope she wins the Mirror Ball trophy !!

gummybear2074 says:

I have this feeling that zendaya will be in a step up movie someday..

lgttb1 says:

i really wish that they didn’t use the MTV multi camera angles jumping all over the place… it would be nice to see the dance from the front view only….

recanaw says:

all the bitches envy of zendaya,,, learn hip hop and then learn ballroom and then you know how hard it is.

ffghent says:

Just tell me how hip hop dancing is related to ballroom? Zendaya is just a great dancer so deal woth

maridepp53 says:

I can’t explain it any better than the previous comments. But thanks for your last sentence.

sassylsm says:

Just trying to understand where your coming from! So are you telling me that if Kellie entered a rap battle she would have an advantage because she’s a singer? Singing and rapping is totally different. Yes your using your voice but not the way your use to using it just like dancing hip hop and ballroom dancing yes your using your body but not the way your use to using it. So im sure it’s like learning something new. Just my opinion tho and I respect yours.

maridepp53 says:

It’s not “hating”, it’s stating an opinion which we all have a right to do.

maridepp53 says:

I’m not the one that needs to check, been watching since season 2. If you re-read my comments you’ll see that I said it’s NOT about the dance style but the elements of (any) dance that can’t help but influence your chance of doing well. I understand the point you are making but that doesn’t change my opinion.

maridepp53 says:

I don’t agree and not going to keep going back and forth on a comment board.

maridepp53 says:

I already stated how good she is, that isn’t the point. My point was that she was already a dancer coming into this (as others were like Nicole Scherzinger) which makes it an unfair playing field. I am more impressed by someone that has not ever danced before. That was the original premise for the show.

memichule says:

¿Salsa? ¿Salsa brasilera o qué ritmo es ese?…

aileen rauchman says:

Well, they didn’t have to work 10x’s harder tonite. The judges are giving away 10’s & 30’s but, again, it close to season’s end. Next week, it will be the same. Nothing but high scores. Trying to change viewer voting dynamics, as usual. We just have to keep voting TEAM VALDAYA even if they just lay down on the floor & nap for one minute. They deserve to win for their clean, technical efforts & choreography alone. The judges talk musicality but seem to be blind to those without it. Hmmph:)

Abril Padilla says:

OMG they doo soooo gooood 😀

gottas33 says:

If you watch the afterbuzz show they interview a pro every week and week after week the ask each pro what they think of about people like you calling it unfair. They always say its easier to teach then unteach. And that stylistically hip hop and ballroom are completely different where one is loose and raw and the other technically precise and structured so they dont translate well. They also said that if you look at it that way each star has an advantage in their own right…you should check

XxImperfectMiraclexX says:

To all you people saying ” she is doing hiphop tonight it’s not fair! ” or ” Zendaya is too good, it’s not fair!”. It is fair. She has a natural talent and if she is too good for you, oh well. It also means that the other dancers will have to work 10x harder each week.

Team Valdaya!!

gottas33 says:

please explain how hip hop translates into ballroom stylistically…yea it doesn’t. I think her dance experience gives her a “competitive advantage” but many other stars have the same. for one Aly has great flexibilty and pure athleticism she’s a freaking olympian. Then Jacoby may not have professional dance experience but has raw talent and again is an athlete. Then Kelly did competitive cheerleading so depends how you look at it

gottas33 says:

Each competitor has a “competitive Advantage” that evens the playing field. I mean for one she was a hip hop dancer which doesn’t have much structure in comparison to ballroom which is all technique and structure so stylistically it doesn’t translate well. You just see the end product you don’t see the hours she puts in everyday perfecting her technique so of course you’d think it unfair.

aileen rauchman says:

Who cares? Give it a rest. I’ve danced all my life doesn’t mean it was easy for me when I went into ballroom dancing. It wasn’t. She’s got lots of natural talent and showmanship. She enjoys entertaining and it works for her. Give her some positive credit, please & tks.

maridepp53 says:

I agree, especially hearing tonite on the show that she’s been hip hop dancing since she was 8. She’s 16 now so she’s had eight years dance experience. And I don’t want to hear that ballroom is completely different, it’s going to help with coordination and timing. As much as I enjoy watching Zendaya dance I don’t believe it is fair to the others.

maridepp53 says:

Can’t help it, Tristan is a sexy Irishman and Derek is a phenomenal dancer. Sooooo attractive.

aileen rauchman says:

LOL… Oops, u on the wrong site.

djChives95 says:

It’s not fair for the other competitors, she’s too good of a dancer!

maridepp53 says:

Yes but the wrong men. I would be between Tristan and Derek <3

aileen rauchman says:

Team VALDAYA 1-800-868-3406 tonite!

maridepp53 says:

But isn’t she trained in hip hop?? That’s what I’ve heard and if it’s true she has an unfair advantage. As much as I loved this performance she wouldn’t get my vote.

Ashley Copeland says:

Absolutely love her!! Team Zendaya

lgttb1 says:

not a chance…. Derek isnt putting out dances near as good this season

Mariah B says:

I can’t wait to see the hip-hop dance.(: That’s going be amazing♥♥♥♥

aileen rauchman says:

Agree with you. Not only are they technically better, there is more content to their choreography and, Zendaya holds her own with Val:)

aileen rauchman says:

LOL…the hand movements are typical of ballroom training. But, all the guys are good looking in their own way. I’m just waiting on the BEST looking:)) See at the voting booths for TEAM VALDAYA!

aundrada1 says:

Every woman’s dream…. Two be in between hot men

Anya Robertson says:

i am confident that they will win….TEAM VALDAYA!!

tricialynn75 says:

@Dina I respectfully disagree. Zendaya and Val are phenomenal! So much better than Kellie and Derek. They are good but not as technically perfect as Z&V.

Dina Dolovac says:

They are great, but Kellie and Derek are the best

JarenMorris21 says:

Awesome. She’s just lovely!

Nalani Ellis says:

I still can’t get over how great that first contemporary dance was!

girolle01 says:

Yeah, but Val kind of has those mannerisms also, especially when he dances. When I first saw Gleb dance I was like “His hand movements are kind of girly. Lol” but in a way, that’s typical of affluent Russian guys. Buuut Dmitry, Val, and Gleb are much better looking than Maks…

girolle01 says:

I’d say it has to be cha-cha, Argentine tango, samba, salsa/jive…

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