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jacquelinesusanlives says:

yes check my uploads on my homepage or check out “Ouvee Survivor” it’s the last video uploaded. 🙂

SOriginalG says:

you have anything from this year? didnt went this yr.

SOriginalG says:

wtf you talking about with ratchet its carnival everyone get on so in carnival its where you let loose without getting judged..

blaknmild2000 says:


biggcoopp says:

deez gyal get mi buddy rock yuhhsee *shrugs* #keeppostin

Sarah SmilesAlot says:

Hahaha this is ratchet af. but i can’t stop watching O_O

lassire ludovic says:

vrain tro nul

blingbling292 says:

loving this video my cuz doing it bad boi

russell jackson says:


bundakissa says:

@Xaymaicana: u must be buggin…or talking bout Jamaica, Queens. Cuz there are tons of passa passa & other videos on Youtube here with TONS of girl-on-girl action.

bundakissa says:

@tomaeshiguita: we do…but we stop when we see a camera lest our spouses or priests recognize us.

virgo29virgo says:

damn.. cant wait for 0’12 Carnival!! hope i make itttttttt

cdaddy20 says:

omg your so smart. I didn’t know they were wearing bathing suits omg I thought they had on snow suits. Fucking Dick.

jacquelinesusanlives says:

most def. traditional. Been going on for centuries, used to be called “saturnelia” by our ancestors 100’s of years ago. Back then they were having actual orgies, our tribute is the same raunchy behavior but with clothes on….NO SEX!

jacquelinesusanlives says:

arbeiten: to work….work “wuk” your hips

Richard Saunders says:

what does “wuk” mean?

Tamiris Cardona says:

Se isso fosse aki no BRASIL.. os brasileiros iam querer CARNAVAL o ano todo.. kkkkkkkkkkkkk…

josepmari says:

@DynamicTrip are these type of parties traditional, or it´s just a new fashion?

koryson2811 says:

Theres nuffin wrong with partyin and dancin on the streets half naked on a special day!!!!!!!!!

Purplemuslimlina2010 says:

because they are bathing suit bottoms not panties big difference.

Detroit Bullet says:

WTF !!

biggieisaiah says:

This shit is fucking cazy I just cum I am putting this to my playlist

Ps I have a YouTube video It is call biggieisaiah

jacquelinesusanlives says:

it’s illegal to “fuck” in public in st maarten
well it’s illegal to get caught

jacquelinesusanlives says:

they are NOT panties they are costumes mostly two piece leotards. I don’t know bout yo country
but we cannot walk around in sxm with panties. they will lock you up ad send you to the nuthouse

cdaddy20 says:

why is everyone panties so fucking thick? Those has to be some of the thickest panties I’ve ever seen, what you hiding brotha?

Audrey Navek says:

this is good sex

jacquelinesusanlives says:

@DynamicTrip only if you pick the video, watch it, and rewatch it! that’s the only disgrace. If you from the caribbean you know jouvert and carnival, And the song is Wuk……………… know what that means. Yet you choose the video and I bet you watched the whole thing too..more than once. Not hating just sayin’

Amani Smith says:

bwoy me love see dem a wine up dem self all who dislike seeing the women wining must be a battybwoy … lmao or a hater gyal …an dem nuh matter anyway

rickjames01234 says:

Good life, enjoy

Havenix says:

so tru, you and i know that they had 2 search this up :O

tomaeshiguita says:

why dont they just fuck for real?

TheBanditghettoninja says:

The art of dry humping.

TheBanditghettoninja says:

I wil knock up every girl over there and become one of the founding fathers of this country.

reggie9675 says:

i would lose my fuckin mind in this country……lol,

jacquelinesusanlives says:

its funny that people come here and say disgusting, biggest hypocrites of all. you have the option of not watching, but you’re watching and jacking off, and now you feeling guilty. whatevs hipocrytes run ya ass elsewhere. really!

Josh Chana says:

Sooooo damn sexy!! I cummed myself just watching!!! 😛

MrEdj2011 says:

this is foolishness

Naughty540 says:

1 Word……DISGUSTING!!!!

Blankname101 says:


Kaporal Kapote says:

pas cme pou nou la il save pa triché ceux la

pritymoka says:

good workout music!

newtimes2 says:

the carnival in toronto use to be like that but they changed it where it doesnt go down the street but straight to a stage where the people cant get in the parade. Oh the good ole days

smartman53 says:

Oh Thank You Ladies for Shaking your Sexxxy Asses Fast n Wild Damnn makes me want to CUM. 9-19-11.

botiano1 says:

i love the ass black and sexy,…..

jacquelinesusanlives says:

band: 4m band, dutch st maarten, caribbean
dancers: survivor, french st martin, caribbean
video: nokturna9/jacquelinesusanlives stlouis/chicago/stmaarten!
dancers speak creole and french,
musician speak english, dutch, papiamentu and patois 🙂

Donnel Banze says:

send full video to [email protected]

TheLegendkiller2100 says:


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