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Produced by Zoltan Deak (Delicatessen Films) Associate Producer: Justin Green See what Felix is up to now: http://www.felixcanei…


Valentina Giari says:

She is in a video of Lana Del Rey-Carmen…
I think..

Katja Rayher says:

amazing ..

freighter014 says:

dude… you must be blind… this was very sexy and very beautiful.

all4mj says:

she actually did get offered a job with Circ Du Soli… I saw her do her CDS on conan or something last year!

Agustina Borda says:

esta mina es increible

Gaurav Dubey says:

bahut badhiya………..
she doesn’t came down from the pole for approx 1 min………marvellous……….how she was revolving round the pole………………marvellous

Gaurav Dubey says:

bahut badhiya………..

Shystichu says:

My fav part is 2:35-2:39

Dakiti says:


valkyrja says:

this is art!!

Surkoplit says:

ya did you notice all the women in the audience lmao this isnt a strip bar

Invisebleification says:!*-*

bewtymedjay says:

2.28 – 2.40 best part really beautiful !!

guicapone2 says:

all woman should be taught to pole dance… fuck school for them!

missiloveyou45 says:

she is very talented! this takes alot of pride and confidence! 🙂

mehreenie says:

um… what clothes? she wasn’t wearing any in the first place…

kfeliciano17 says:

this was amazing ! but i have a question and i knw it might be dumb, but wht do the tall heels do? is it for show or does it help to dance better?

spiderlily21 says:

wow I wish I could do that

maari1016 says:

simply amazing

mucisey says:

Görl your skinny :c….

Lindachica513 says:

my favorite part is 1:29 I don’t know why it just is….

joannahewson says:

felix cane from cirque du soleil 🙂

joannahewson says:

she’s underweight? =))

80spodcastchannel says:

You may not have noticed that may have been the part that SUCKED!!!

PureSuicideCat says:


Xextinctable says:

id so fuck her

Ahra Gaor says:


Kerobinson90 says:

Did you use a spinning pole? If not some of the moves where you were turning slowly mustv taken so much control! I’d love to be that good, I’v only just started learning to do basic inverts, spins and layouts. Do you have any tips for someone just starting out? Also I’v noticed that most pole dancers seem to be of very slim build, I know it must help to be light but does it really matter? I’m just over 9st and I feel like im way heavier than a lot of the really good pole dancers I’v seen.

suchasuperstar says:


Danielle Foster says:


Yaeka says:

Such perfection… So stable and strong. Perfect control.

kimmyfilth says:

my god that was amazing!! although a little under weight :/

TarynDedekind says:

brilliant!!!!!!!!!! so well built to!!

redbamafan says:

dang she must be super strong

blackbutterflymimi says:

omg wow

st0n3r says:

now give it to your misses and tell her to learn hahaha

Jessica Fleming says:


Penillie says:

wow this is amazing.

19tookie91 says:

I used to think ‘pole dancing – cheap stripper’. But know.. WOW, they are artists really. It looks sexy, it looks beautiful.. it’s amazing.

Fleurletta says:

that’s true art.

Linda Cox says:

amazing….so talented…keep it up! Hot!

meggaaroo says:

@or1g31 You’re ingorant. Less clothing = Better glid. LIke when a gymnist use powder to help grip better. Same concept. And do you know how hard it is too do all that shit she just did? Very fucking hard. That takes weeks, months, even years of training. And they underwear was to help her glid better, and the heels, the heels are for looks. She’s not trying to turn people on, there were girls in the crowd too.

soulsisterbeauty says:

she is thin~~

Misssilverbullet says:

beautifully done u r a true artist 🙂 an amazing entertainer 🙂

Xcoming2 says:

are you blind, she is hot

Something Nice says:

she is Good !!!! i wish i could pole Dance !!!

pinupzombie90 says:

omg her bodyyyyy!!!! 0:20

she’s beautiful

bekkbekk90 says:

go for it! it’s absolutely worth it, bruises and all 😀

Yoshimura3712 says:

Incredible! Whoa!

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