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The beautiful Russian Anastasia in a stunning presentation in Rio de Janeiro, in the second world championships Pole Sport IMAGE / EDITING : RODNEY MELLO.


don lesmana says:

this wow 

JuLi Nyu says:

Hermosa ♥ *o*

bellamelissa87 says:

That was so passionate, and elegant. What a joy to watch!

sarah fanourakis says:

just… wow

Alice Xu says:

She looks like iggy azalea

canoeist2008 says:

Loved your Pole Dance.

sarmad majed says:

woooooooooooow its mazeing

Vladimir Arkhipov says:

БРАВО !!!!!

Brenda Vannesa Cortes Quiñones says:

hermosa y super talentosa

Daz955i says:

This is just beautiful!
Living art.

Donna Simeonova says:

Поздравления с Болгарии!

glamourplanet says:


Marko Zawadowych says:


I like the quality of this video as well. The film is close and clear enough to see Anastasia’s movements and the difficulty level can be better appreciated.

TidrScorp says:

THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kenneth Basalo says:

She’s a winner….

Juliane Fischer says:

Wunderful Nastia!!
So tell me, what is it for a great song?

WickedSamus says:

Talented and adorable!

mozbius says:

Where can professional/show pole with on stage setup can be rented in Montreal? Anynone has an idea?

Нина Макинтош says:

Nastia! You are super! Skill rose to the heavens!

z power says:

What’s the name of the move at 4:15 (end of her routine) called?  I’ve only seen Marion Crampe, Anastasia Skukhtorova, and Jess Leanne Noris do that move. I assume one of the first two girls invented that pole move because I’ve seen that they train at the same pole studio. If anyone knows that would be helpful, thanks

TheCarvingman says:

OMG. pole dansing make me so horny

burntsugadumplin says:

she first place in my book

burntsugadumplin says:

u just changed my life

thekizzbizz says:

does camel toe add points? 

Kristin4ki says:

Lara Fabian - Je suis Malade

petrosmarkos says:

which song is that?

The68cam1 says:

That was really a treat well done

Raimona Mag says:

Anastasiya , you are so amazing and gorgeous!!!

Melina Mich says:

very talented!! she actually performed and danced according to the style of the song! loved it! congratulations!!

TheGkriniara says:


RodneyBandeira says:

Ok I’ve changed, Thanks for the warning

Genaro Enrique Miguel RIVERO BUSTOS says:

@RodneyBandeira Hi! This is beautiful. Thank you. Only the tittle, instead of “2st” should have been “2nd” (second). Maybe there’s some other minor change, but I’m not sure. 🙂

filitsa1984 says:

Amazing!! WoW… :-)))

Rebeca Cedeño says:


Katja Kreecha says:

Stunning! <3 So beautiful.
Shows the stylish, creative and powerful side of pole dancing.
Love it. Congratulations Anastasia!! 😀

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