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Close 1. 3 (Britney Spears)- choreography by Ari 2. Turn me on (David Guetta Feat. Nicki Minaj) – cho…


1jbong says:

wow 0 dislikes. quite impressive

karmavrs says:

hahahahahahh Eso es lo que pasa cuando le llevas una mujer a un otako

Erick Tovar says:

Es la primera vez que veo un voto sin algún voto negativo.

Labradog123 says:

calm your tits maybe they’re virgins and btw i bet they like dancing, calm down 😀

jjkk11999933222233 says:

what a bunch of whores.

ProbabIyGone says:

That could become a gangrape.

sweet84881 says:


mayagornhisoka29 says:


veddunreal says:

Get deeeeep inside those sugar walls! XD

TRường Tuấn says:


Nams Hsu says:

so! stupid!!!

motox134 says:

they all have the same hair cut?

Roy Camacho says:

I didn’t see any gal within the public and I heard a lot of girls screaming.

monsieurrodney621 says:

these guys tusty lmao

OmgAnaMae says:

They dance super good but the reactions distracted me! SO funny. Ohhhh hormones.

soasux says:

That moment when you become a man

StabbyMacStabStab says:


Punk Enfermo says:

ola que ase

leppagro says:

llegue aki por facundo

juliio993 says:

*mental masturbation*

TerminalWorld says:

A great school?

tadelom9 says:

1:10 godammit people sit down and let me watch

Basky Bask says:

The kind of school I wish I had attended as a teen.

ShaneKarma376 says:

ooooh , thanks for the reply, I need to look her up ASAP!

malindixonwilkins says:

That’s HyunA from 4minute, don’t think she’s part of WaveYa!

ShaneKarma376 says:

Isn’t one of these girls that amazing redhead that was on the subway in the Gangnam Style vdeo?

erokon1000 says:

они блять девушек первый раз видят?

Corine Martinez says:

only place everyone knows the words to gangnam style

mc501 says:

Down in front.

trumpeter93 says:

Lol Same haircut

Leonidas L says:

haha, genial!

MellowMadnessRMX says:

lmao where the hell did the racket come from.

XgenZeepee says:

the voice of hundred of virgins!

ReinbachThe3rd says:

Personally, I wouldn’t be holding hands with my friends or sitting on their laps, but I don’t deem the acts to be homosexual in any way. shape or form. I’d think it’s a little strange, especially considering my own cultural background, but I also know that those behaviors are common in places around the world.

ReinbachThe3rd says:

Yes, because being American makes you automatically homophobic. Get off your high horse.

HHJRx says:

1:19 magically a tennis racket appears…

読んで ゲイ says:


Finlandlion says:

He’s just typical homofobical-yank.

chipsamy says:


成熟 張 says:

都擋住 要怎看 =..=

東風 秋月 says:


Potatogames88 says:

this girls was never seen after THE END.
i hope PSY dont mis them 😀 lol

moo bees says:

woooooow….really??? what a bunch of losers.

Killcsgocr says:

0:45 happiest day for him XD

julio hernandez says:

this bunch of losers dont have internet to watch porn? pathetic!


Loll, great dance! I would have flashed them and sent them over the edge!

TheCeroQuatro says:

that’s kind of gay

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