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Close Tycoon Samba Queen of Carnival from Imperio Serrano 2013 …


Pinkday Barcelona says:

A única rainha que sabe samba de verdade, o resto um bando de loiras siliconadas famosas que nunca colocaram um pé na comunidade, mais quando chega o carnaval querem coloca nossas fantasias e desfila de rainhas do carnaval.


Listen to Party Like a Brazilian

MsCareyBaaaaaby says:

Step 1: Learn to samba
Step 2: Go to Brasil for Carnival 2014

Angeli Alvares says:

Wow she’s the best I’ve seen so far! Such great energy….a true display of carnival!

nikeground1 says:

She’s so Beautiful!
WoW! Her SMILE is Wonderful
I’m in LOVE ♥_♥

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

I agree…is was simply perfect. The body and dress “became one”!..

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

Ela , junto com Raissa, Viviane, a Luiza Brunet e Fabia Borges ( quando desfilavam) são as Top. A Bruna Bruno também tem um charme e delicadeza como poucas!

gyovanna barducci says:

adoroooooooooooo ela e de mais

Johnny mahsrow says:

….And that dress is fitting her beauiful body like a glove.

BelledelaGroove says:

long gorgeous legs, thick curvy body, long beautiful hair and a wide bright smile!!! what’s not to love?!

Pablo Uarendi says:

perfeita quiteria….

Eden Johnson says:

Oh my goodness, I am simply in awe! I totally enjoyed watching her, she just glides and look at those legs! She’s fabulous!!! You cannot deny that there is an ENERGY that just exudes and captivates you, instantly! Brava Brazil!!

belavistario says:

There is no “shyness” here, only respect. If you are interested in other kind of videos, you are on the wrong channel. Thanx!

pedjarudnik says:

Guzica za desetku

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

Hellp propheci and thanks for all of those nice post on many of our videos…Yes, Quiteria is from Imperio Serrano Samba School, you can find the description of the samba school following the link I made on the description…She is from the same aamba school of that previous video with the passistas wing ( samba dancers wing ) all in fluorescent green. All the best.

propheci says:

I see…is she from this school as well?

belavistario says:

Thanks Blackhawk ! Yesterday I shot some very nice videos and am editing them..

Blackhawk6699 says:

keep up the great work

thefunkeyplanet says:

Simply Divine! Thanks for posting this and sharing it with the world. Keep those videos coming please.

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

I agree with you. The tone of green was very well chosen…and fits perfectly with the samba school´s official colors which are green and white!

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

She has an incredible charisma! I really dont understand how we see some dislikes…Maybe it could be envy, what do you think my friend Blackhawk and Marty.

I think she performed wonderfully on this video… Cheers!

Blackhawk6699 says:

enjoyed watching her

hopperzone says:

she don’t wear a bra. that’s why her breast shakes good.

propheci says:

Wow, green never looked so good!! She wears it well…:)

MrEdium says:


martymar9311 says:

roger that ! keep up this great work you are an inspiration too me, can’t wait too get my photography,video,animation going ^_^

belavistario says:

Thanks brother…it feels good to know the investment made on the new camera is worth the results…I think people will be able to grasp the energy with greater amount of details, now that I am shooting in Full HD, Thanks for your honest review. All the best man!

martymar9311 says:

yes that’s right i was admiring her brown coco skin a couple of times on the my pc large screen ,,do too your hd her body and complexion, really,really shows her person… awesome ,right on the money thank you ,and the queen would appreciate this too ;D

belavistario says:

marty, os one of our oldest buddies, can you notice the difference between the image quality of these new HD videos X the old ones? What your opinion? I really appreciate it,. Andre

martymar9311 says:

wow! shes pretty and strong ,i see samba queens and passistas have a lot of pressure on them

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