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i would be nice when you watch this video too :)) : ….


daylongroot says:


john mendez says:

i stoped the video a couple times to see some PANTIES!! lol -_-

TheAditza08 says:


Akiles2307 says:

Serebro - Mama Liuba.

Kleinepopel says:

its Elena Temnikova from russia

cristiancr791 says:

Is that Rebeca Linares??? in the passenger seat!!!!?

diego anival Luke says:

me parese o ya las avia visto

владимир Мелентьев says:

кто из России! ставь лайк!!!!!!

israelforreal says:

I love sexy girls having a good time

גינל מהמיקמק says:

זה ברוסית? חח שהיה

Katarina Jakimenko says:

Люба тое, што з ім рабіць?

Leonardo Nemitz. says:

The three are beautiful =]

kenan Aliyev says:


MrRory76 says:


spetnaz16 says:

I want to go Russia immediatly

Arsen Agolli says:

super….. ★☆☆☆☆

Miguel Angel Zapata says:

podria mirarlo mil y una veces

BrightyAlbo says:

wow! but this is not harlem shake

klajdi baha says:

πεδια αφτα ινε πραγματικο πολι καβλομενο βιτιο

Levon Galstyan says:

Davai ir meand go ahead, go.

Joe MINIMAL says:

damn these girls are so wise… they have condoms ready….

Joe MINIMAL says:

what is the meaning of dawei ???

Jayden Stahmer says:

they are hot .

Orlaev says:


bigShooze says:

boing! .|.

Aigo962 says:

При чем тут Harlem Shake?

josé filho says:

As mina doidinha pra da man ‘-‘.

vintason says:

dislike??? omg why??? :O

th3hack3r5 says:

serebro– mama luba

Kleinepopel says:


Lucas Silva says:

what’s your name this music?

ericka femat says:

Where is the song ?

Lampa Lu says:

Damn, man, you’re right. I want to run away from this Russian-hell!

flightjam says:

their all real pretty but i like the driver the most

estebansalinas07 says:

Black Hair*

estebansalinas07 says:

There all hot. But I like the Brunette the most she’s Sexy!

ViktoR RuS says:


p3ti096 says:

they are so hot

Michael Varela says:

put me in that car lord and i WILL believe

Kleinepopel says:

right  😀

tylershemwell01 says:

Somebody Tweeted “Republican Mitt Romney Your Hair Smell Like Feet” & “Big Thick Midget Butt.” I said “Hell Naw.” Then Somebody Said…

(Article on Blogger)

DieNooNames says:

serebro – mama luba dawei dawei dawei

parijoo says:

what is the name of the song?

jumbomuffin404 says:

Damn Russia I love this country even more I didn’t think that was possible

realTeNNoX says:

2:51 dafuq censored?

realTeNNoX says:

THIS is what causes car accidents…

bandit0os111 says:

в рот ебал вас американцы ебаные

MrDEEZIKs says:

Je comprend pourquoi il y a plein d’accodent en Russie maintenant 😀

Valantis Trigontzis says:

Hahahaha ruschische kahbas

druness5000 says:

I’m curious what they are saying…and I now really wanna go to Russia

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