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SNSD – SeoHyun Yoona SooYoung HyoYeon dance.


Jane Kim says:

u mean stupidity..? How is it stupid for thinking she’s not pretty. I legitimately think she’s not pretty okay? Everyone’s entitles to their own opinion. Not my fault I don’t think she’s attractive. Taeyeon however is veryyy attractive.

Jane Kim says:

i have ;D

seth Alex says:

1:41 suju faces at maknae dance

javieracg1 says:

Hyoyeon Hyoyeon Hyoyeon Hyoyeon Hyoyeon Hyoyeon Hyoyeon Hyoyeon Hyoyeon
Hyoyeon Hyoyeon Hyoyeon Hyoyeon Hyoyeon Hyoyeon Hyoyeon Hyoyeon Hyoyeon <3

pottomsaku says:

Yooonaaaa *Q* OMG. Perfect,girls!Perfect!

Wo Ai Ni says:

royal korean dance battle

Olivia Keke says:

Hyoyeon Queen Dance.!!

karitobaratito2 says:

Vean la cara de Kyuhyun xD

Na Yu says:

s9 no.1

Angel Alvar says:

Go beast! Cheer them! Standing ovation ang SNSD sa beast! ♥

Couleurs Versatiles says:

So, who is who please?

Sakinah T says:


lolimeware says:


Sara Magdy says:

I know, right? 😀 and the dance kicked off with yoona too 😀 lol

Sara Magdy says:

Keep it to yourself, will ya? I’ve had my fair share of stupid today, so ENOUGH!!~

MagiksGirlBunny says:

I don’t know if it’sa cause Yoona is taller and slimmer, but compared to Hyoyeon, Yoona’s dancing looks WAY better O.O!

Chellie Rie says:

SNSD’s main dancers :)))

Ghaddo20 says:

OMG !!

Jung Soo Ji says:

seohyun is great,
ah, and yoona, she rocks!

isOLatEmuRCieLAgo says:

this is the time when yuri got a swine flu so its around 2010, they are in preparation of 1st japan tour and japanese album promotion.. korean oh and run devil run promotion, yoona got family outing, seohyun is in WGM, i don’t think they have enough time to practice.. but the performance is still great..

jakebrigand says:

would impregnate.

lovesnsdSM says:


lourdes besa says:

seohyun unnie <3

Judy ann gaballo says:

Hyoyeon ! Hyoyeon ! Hyoyeon ! Hyoyeon ! Like a machine . woooooooooo ! x’))

Gyuwung Lim says:


mikaseoexo Angels says:

so are u..please look at mirror first~

Neethu Nanthakumar says:

I can tell that you are blind!!!

CassidyIsBored says:

lol the title only mentions seohyun.

milkloveyoon says:

Yoona ><

MrGaraah says:

Just plain sick.

li gloria says:

yoona did so good at this dance!!

FinOsin9 says:

She did it really really well!!!

Ximena Mejia says:

hermosa Hyo ♥ sexy girl

maylavigne says:

It is so mind bugging to see her acting all sexy and stuff right after I just watched her being all innocent on ‘intimate note’…lol I really really like Seohyun!

maylavigne says:

Well, I 100% disagree with you. I think she’s beautiful!

Jane Kim says:

seohyun is so not pretty..

Kiirin2 says:

talented and smart girl learn everything fast 🙂 SEOHYUN <3

thục nhi hoàng says:


Yuna Kim says:

Snsd fighting !! I love you soo ♥
You are soo beautiful !
and i like Seohyun most 😀 She is a natural Beauty and sings sooo well ♥

MissYoonyulseo says:

Seohyun so pretty

Salote Fonua says:

mean song … does anyone know what the name of the song is ?

melido1212 says:

Seo sexy quá ha!khác với seo kute thường ngày

melido1212 says:

snsd <3

KaixKai99 says:

SeoHyun is cuteeee 😀

yoonhyun1stbest says:

its hyunseung

yoshiejjang says:

Yuri got swine flu that time 🙁

yoshiejjang says:

Oh, maybe because Yoseob told before at radio that his favorite member of SNSD is Seohyun 🙂

yoshiejjang says:

Yuri got swine flu that time 🙁

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