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BB King says:

Ok Ok, so what? These women are HOT and the come in all color, white, black, tan, etc! 🙂

TropiBrazil says:

NO, just in south of Brazil, Rio is = Portuguese + African + Indigenous

BB King says:

Yes, but they descend from Germans, Germans came to this region too.

TropiBrazil says:

They are BRAZILIANS from RIO.

BB King says:

They are descendants from germans I think but so what! There are los a black beauties over there too! Yummy! 🙂

Anderson Vasconcellos says:

actually is easier find a blonde than a blackhaired woman in some brazil regions

Robin klantarn says:

I would tear that ass up haha!.

oO0E says:

I would drag my nuts through a mile of broken glass to sniff one of their farts.

amethystiumm says:

99% porn and 1% music lol

mingebatter says:

curvy beautiful how women should look not the size zero.just wish i could smell it.BRING IN SMELLOVISION !!!!

lalocateresita says:

colombian girls are TEN TIMES HOTTER <3

isoIdier says:

lol yes most people make that mistake about Brazil, there are beautiful women all over the World though, but one of my many targets is visiting Brazil soon >;}~

PanicByNumbers says:

I realize I sound like a moron for saying this, but I was unaware there were thick blonde girls in Brazil.

Luqman Hakim says:

just because they are busty

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