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Fernando Almodovar says:


lionelgupi says:

Are any of you singel

smurfete99 says:

You both mad cute♥;)


Chris Brown – Sex

joselopez99jl says:

The one with the obey hat on top 3

alexis thomas says:

there good

20MostraVideos says:

You are the beeeeeeeeeeeeest.

Russiaboss76 says:

Musik Name pls 

Josh Smith says:

Lap dance with then

Josh Smith says:

Can i get a lapdance w

AlwaysAwesomefyi says:

Can I have a lap dance with them? And kiss em? :)))

MxlLe Ymcmb says:

Allez Nikez tous vos morts les pures deux grosses salopes vous allez finir votre vie en enfer vous êtes de grosses pures allez niquer vos mères qui vous ont pas éduquer J’voius vois un jour J’voius Nike ok? Allez dégagée de la grosse folle ki baise tout Pfpf Nchalah ´´vs allez en enfer c bn? Allez ´´vs faire enlculer

MxlLe Ymcmb says:

Des grosses putes

KeoneVIDS says:

Song ?

StarCraftWingsOfL says:

Replay, replay, replay…

StarCraftWingsOfL says:


DjDoodle120 says:



Stoner boner the guys

StarCraftWingsOfL says:

The hell, you should give me a fucking lapdance, god damn, I am having a huge ass boner.

msdeniacrazy123 says:

Friends wit u on fb ^.^ wow

Elaine Sanchez says:

The guys gettin boners……..

Dave kakil says:

Da guy on da comp lilke”nigga i dont give a fuck”

xokimexo says:

Will any one scissor me like that

James Kayde Harvey says:

Girl without the hat…. Uhhh what I would do to her!

Mizz Fresh says:

Gurls Killed It Made Me Wish I Was One Of Them LOL Jk (not really)

Izy Derp says:

Love the guy on the lap top. he’s just like nothing happening here. derp

Andrew Guzman says:

Sexy tho

naeem bhatti says:

1:14 look at that ass priceless

Ash12241991 says:

I will obey THAT ASS

Robbie Kranau says:

The guy with the laptop at the end! LML!!! It’s whatever.

valentinomedel16 says:

Well damn

dumitru liviu says:


furiousBoG says:

damn nigga sitting on the couch

ckrauss24701 says:

that was sexy

Arman Ozkan says:

Why do you think the guys have laptops on their lap…

XqN96WT says:

Booow O.O

Selena Watkins says:

sex by chris brown

bigshotdj10 says:

What is the song called

beycan1234 says:

Did anyone know the name of the song ?

ruca58 says:

And then they went to the back to scissor each other while the guys played games online

ahmed sabry says:

What are these guys doing just looking?

Kavish Jeewoolall says:

Is this a lap dance video or lesbian sex positions video

kamecy1 says:

the nam of zik please?

jhonatan1667able says:

Lol I bit the guys got boners xD

Luc -c says:

both are sexy as fuck

yip hoang says:

I wanna join!

Joe Brajkovic says:

OMG these girls know how to do it hooks me up <3

apple griffith says:

damn this ppl get down now im speachless

bhinton9803 says:

Omg you girls are bad ASS

CrazyS0ckGirl says:

did you know I can do that

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