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sasha giving me a lap dance ;D.


JerryAkAChicken says:

I never seen a white girl dance to bounce music

jonjon052504 says:

U guys make a goood cuple

Thomas Justiniano says:

First time I experienced masturbation with my head turned sideways… feels kinda good actually.

Jerome Massey says:


danycruz201236 says:

I wana fk her so bad dude

younggstunna23 says:


max camman says:

There are a lot of sexy girls on landofcams . com that get naked FOR FREE, much better than this

ana portillo says:

I want. A lap dance from her on my birthday dame she is good wow 🙂

K.D. Williams says:

Good job sasha. Lol

lauralove809 says:

lmao he said god bless you sasha

alejandra Holguin says:

Wow she is good

littletotheextreme says:

All the sexual predators!

kksmayk2002 says:

17-19 texttttt meee 3863387405:D

Miley Decoite says:

LOL holy fuck.

Maycom Rodas says:

Whats her name?

purpclouds says:

unless you’re gay or a girl

purpclouds says:

like you would be mad if she tried to do that on you?

thisbitchything says:

of course a whore could twerk on a guy and get him, but all guys want a good girl whose not used up and has a terrible reputation to marry. no guy would even consider marrying a mistake.

thisbitchything says:

this is just plain disgusting and stupid. what has become of this generation. we’re all so fucked up. is this really what you call “dancing” nowadays? what the actual fuck. then they wonder why most of this generation is filled with whores and sluts and man whores.

Jake Rebel says:

Oh my Goethe best

nellynelly107 says:

I needed dat nut bust

Nikki Sixx says:

2.56 cum ? :D

ashly brown says:


Michael Hampshon says:

You know he got up hard af lol

XSpamm3rX says:

I fapped and came so hard…

jesus castillejos says:

Damn sasha sasha sasha

myathornton5 says:

Damn have that ass on my dick make it wet and nasty then give her back shots

koko44mark says:

Damn he lucky

brandon brietenback says:

U want my numba babe?

alexislovestexas says:


yuliee14 says:

that ass thoo /, dance on this girl sometime (; lol

ThePurplemonkeyfist says:

i mean i wouldnt mind getting one from her stiff or not she had a nice ass…

Jaami Hunter says:

she stiff af

forgetthepast23 says:

Damn she can bounce 😉 I Want that ass on me

miamistormz says:

She isnt good at it no offense

LaLaLaaand69 says:


MrCamarosteveo says:

Let me know next time u giving out them dances ill take 1 in my birthday suit

I Am Danielle. says:

Haha “GOD BLESS YOU SASHA, FUCK!” Haha thts my boy pedro.

Michael Hampshon says:

He get mad props she know hot to roll

allyfig123 says:

Ma Titi did good lol Haha

juicywaring says:

dat nigga scard

MsPinkstar90 says:

All the boys commented on this video couldn’t  even handle her !!!!!!!!!

Michael Hampshon says:

Lol why didn’t they just fuck

jim rummel says:

i want a lap dance from her!!

Macey R. Holmes says:

Damn should’ve just fucked him!!

shannye4 says:

Lmao he wanted to fuck her so hard !!

Trent Mitchell says:

fap fap fap mom get the lotion

Sana Roww says:

She can’t really shake its just bouncing

Vanessa Reyes says:

Damn lol

brandonpoehler800 says:

Me too

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