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This intermediate salsa dance video lesson of addicted2salsa ( ), we go back to the basics to help you learn how to do a 180…


gerardo barajas says:

eso no es salsa esto es swing americano 

eblanco78 says:

look ugly…regular shoes are more apropiated

szililolabu says:

what a great lesson. Good energy, good dancing, to the point.

salsasindormir says:

I’m so going to start doing that (=

Donna Herrera says:

what about salsa on 2?

skatonio says:



1MoSalsaholik says:

i’ve found the “cross behind” (@ 4:35) to be easier executed when i make an extended step around her on 7 with my right foot (as she is turning). it was tough at first but one day i was dancing and was unaware that i was doing it. it wasn’t until i played back the video that i realized that i was actually back-crossing.

spottydog4477 says:

too late, I’m on ‘double’ 360’s!

宝くじ当選しました 当選金お譲り致します says:


jhowmarlacayanga says:


CriticalStudiosHD says:


NetNinja01 says:

The way she dances she looks like she is in high heals and since Salsa dancing is a toe first heal second she looks absolutely graceful. She has a low heal for better balance and training. She is very feminine and very sexy.

五百満 譲渡 says:

【】皆様にご相談があります…どなたかお金にお困りの方おりませんか?私は自分のお金の使い道に困っております。自分の諸事情なのですが…どなたか5,000,000円受け取って下さる方いらっしゃいませんか?どなたにでもお譲り致します。条件等は一切ございません。いきなりこんな所に書き込んでしまって失礼を承知の上ですが、どなたかに受け取って頂きたく思っております。受け取って頂けるという方は、こちらから【】か、又はyoutube内動画検索にて『 本金譲 』で検索して頂きますと、受取人様の準備がととのい次第最短30分程でお受け取りになる事ができます。急な話で信じられないかもしれませんが、人生の転機は急に訪れるものです。お困りの方はご連絡の方お待ちしております。準備は出来ていますので本日中にでもお渡しできます。

uzair1578 says:

Hi there, have you considered “FlamaDance” (do a Google search for it)? On their website you will find a smart free video featuring the way to dance Rhumba, Samba, Tango, Waltz, FoxTrot, Cha Cha, Salsa, Jive. This is the way Bryce discovered how to dance just like a star very fast and consequently gain back romance. Hopefully it works for you as well…

dimas883 says:

When is the 360 video coming? Very good lesson.

jinlio says:


Rachel S says:

I love your videos. They’re clear, concise and entertaining. Please, oh please do one on a CBL to 360! I have yet to find a tutorial that does it justice. I know you guys won’t let me down 🙂

Alfonso Yaniz says:

really good Video. Keep them cominig.

Tam Le says:

my favorite favorite favorite!

Gustavo Direitinho Almeida says:

keep posting guys!!! it’s sound like an american initiative but u guys show some “sabor” and “ritmo” while dancing… congrats for the work done!

argenis leyba says:

they are grait dancers and very good teachers!!!

jubyvera662 says:


dark1724 says:

This nice little bump on the lady…
..I see what you did there!

jubyvera662 says:


beenijustin says:

Fail shit :))

leo03737 says:

I w’ll love too dance con Yuly she move’s do nice

Ibrahim Ozdemir says:

what? salsa? sorry i wasnt listenning…

apersaud says:

Those are Gabellini dance shoes if you look closer 😉

MrWildbill20056 says:

Of course you do 😛 I loiter here also haha! Totally agree, there is a bit of a lack of ‘go for the shoulder’ taught as a rule. People coming from a Casino background usually get this drilled into them far better than the cross body crowd.

I agree, when a follower detects this happening and doesn’t find that shoulder in good order, that’s a mistake. This piece of styling, I agree is a good way to achieve it though!

Paul Hutchinson says:

– don’t I know u from SalsaForums?! “There are different ways to style this/achieve it” – I totally agree mate. But where I’m from, 85% of the girls aren’t aware of the need for “going for the shoulder”, and will let you trap their arm by their side with this move over and over again, without realising that it would be better if they got it out of the way. That makes it v difficult to learn to lead this move, if the Fs haven’t been taught how to follow it (1 way at least).

MrWildbill20056 says:

This sort of absolute nonsense generally comes from people who are clueless about the dance they are involved in. FYI people were doing ‘gymnastics’ on the Mambo floor before you were out of diapers. There are grainy black and white videos surviving to this day of Cuban Son and NY Mambo that would challenge the top dancers of today.

So get clued up before you start spouting this crap. This goes for the clueless latins as well. Fortunate the latinos I know are far more knowledgeable.

MrWildbill20056 says:

What? No, I’m sorry. Yoga and Ballet? o.O We aren’t ballet dancers. Julie’s frame is upright, her shoulders are down, back and relaxed. Our knees, in salsa are always soft, it is part of proper training. Further it’s clear that Julie is naturally very well shaped, and I for one enjoy when she exaggerates the pointing of her admirable behind in the 180. Otherwise her frame is totally fine.

Ballroom and Ballet postures are not appropriate to the dance.

MrWildbill20056 says:

Sure it works, it doesn’t work quite the same, but if the follower tucks right in and you get a firm connection with the shoulder blade (and you have a good frame) it’ll work fine.

It’s not that the follower must ‘push her hand up’ it’s simply that when she feels the hand connect with the shoulder blade as she completes, one way or another it’s optimal if she ‘goes for the shoulder.’

There are different ways to style this/achieve it 🙂

AlwaysEvan says:

technically there is no centrifugal force but who cares.. que leccion estupenda!

Sora Chhaitli says:

u mean that she’s standing wrong?women should not bend one knee and curve their back?i was actually thinking that it’s a part of the Salsa posture!!

Chelice Rojas says:

Really really really..,,,,,fantastic!!!!!!

chichi rodriguez says:

whats the name of the song at the begining of the video?
by the way love your videos

Franck Yan says:

Julie is great except for the funny bendy postures. You’re a tall sexy girl but just stand straight a bit – the knee bending, the curved in back & butts pointing way behind just create a funny posture when you’re dancing or even just standing up still. In Yoga & Balerina, they teach people how to assume good basic standing postures to enhance your natural frame which most people don’t know about & thats how you can tell a pro dancer from some-one just learning a few steps. No disrespect.

LiMi4IT says:

Thanks a lot for the videos. I’ve already bought the iphone app but I could not find anything about 360 move. So, could you record a video teaching the 360 move.

1MoSalsaholik says:

: Yeah i agree. I’ve noticed that their hands stay down even when NOT executing the 180

Sathyanarayan Induchoodan says:

can u tell me the song that is used in this lesson…

Xiao Teaspoon says:

Thanks for the explanation, this is the most difficult thing for me, I just can’t get it!!

Kathy T says:

@AleksandrasSsexy those are shoes with a black mark that goes over them… Gotta look a little closer and you’ll see.

mamawth4 says:

i feel like i’m watching a movie like dirty dancing great great great


You are full of it. I’m PR in USA and used to think the same (never said as dirty as you just said). They show me they have moves, and of course more class than most Latin hoews that go around insulting other races.

Calena Perez says:

y quien dijo que los gringos bailan jajajajajajaja eso es para los latinos porDiosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Chino Rodriguez says:

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user7897 says:

As usual Antony shows one thing and then demonstrates it different. You gotta look at your own moves man!

magurt8 says:

alot of responses but nobody want to teach…. LOL… it’s funny to me…. let us who is starting learn somthing…. if you feel it is wrong load up somthing

nrizzo70 says:

she has a nice ass

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