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Abel Pena and Zulmara Torres what a Solid Performance in Los Angeles California Salsa Congress, Zulmara looked very solid in her performence at the congress,…


chrissyjoy08 says:

I’ll be the first to admit I know very little about dancing and the different types of dances, salsa in particular….however, I’m 99% positive that a real salsa dance doesn’t have 3/4 of it being the guy spinning the girl in circles. Plus, there were a whole lot of moves that looked more tango/argentine tango than salsa to me.

Daniel Marin says:

wtf is this shit?? this is not salsa!!! SALSA HAS SABBBBBOORRRR!!!! SOMETHING I DONT SEE IN THIS SHIT!!!!

Clara Blake says:

The male dancer was so stiff during the performance that I couldn’t pay attention to anything else

joe comohoyo says:

not salsa dancing. excellent dancers, however.

Etruj1 says:

Ummm….great spinning….but salsa dancing? seen better….not much competition i guess

LallyPopp says:

As a Puertorican I have to say that she spins beautifully, but that’s not salsa dancing. I’m sorry. She would be an awesome figure skater thou’

Th3Guerrero11 says:

just spin in circles and you got it 😀

chetna557 says:

Spin spin spin

eva jedlickova says:

wow thats amazing dancing I want to dance like that

joseeduardo433 says:

WTF is that salsa? their steps doesn’t even go with the song. He doesn’t move well enough. They suck! need more to impress. Who were the judges?

TheMsBreBre143 says:

How does she spin that much and not be dicy like really I would be so dicy I probably couldn’t even stand up

evanyi100 says:

Que rico!,,,, salsa pura espectacular

shineforyou89 says:

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vishal krishna says:

very nice awssam

Thanoas25 says:

All they did was turn and turn that is not salsa wow and the won for what .

animefreakjay says:


Jenniemorgan7 says:

what is with the guy’s fancy pants?

ZNdespinaki says:

the name of the song?

silence6210 says:

Yep. I met them a couple years ago. Theres a video on facebook where they came to our salsa night and we had a little friendly competition with them. We made each of them pick out some one from the crowd and dance with them, and the crowd decided which was the better couple. I think I danced with her three times that night.

awela1 says:


xsusixroxyx says:


xsusixroxyx says:

So he’s very good at walking, and she’s very good at spinning. For a salsa dance, there wasn’t must salsa in there….. :/

brisanch1 says:

What a hater!! Enjoy the performance! Just because there’s not enough “flavor” doesn’t mean its not amazing!

brisanch1 says:

What a hater!! Enjoy the performance! Just because there’s not enought “flavor” doesn’t mean its amazing!

kimmiem231 says:

is this salsa??? they seemed like they were performing for a crowd true salsa dancing should connect between to people

sprevil says:

That’s not Salsa..

duhhmazz2 says:

the dancing is good, but it is definately missing alottt of flavor

LAsalsero12 says:

Great performance! Lots of energy! yeah

operacute says:

Is this a spinning contest? I can’t see of feel any latin/salsa flavour in this performance. Incidentally, the lighting at the start is awful, you can’t see the what the dancers are doing.

Akashiachan says:

She made me dizzy. T.T
LOVE her dress though.

awela1 says:

Tremendo ritmo para “botarse” con movimiento de caderas, piernas como debe ser. Esto es estudiado y no sale del cuerpo como reaccion del ritmo. Cualquier persona que practique con deseo puede dar vueltas y mas vueltas y cargadas y mas cargadas. Por favor!!!

calexz0198 says:

i really like the salsa dance it is so visually entertaining and fantastic!!!!!!!!!

123hotcookie321 says:

if i was her id have a bag on mouf to catch the ummm..rite….PUKEEE

leou2user says:

too many spins. worse… she does too many spins and his, in comparison, almost doesn’t spin. For all the athleticism, the part between 2:22 and 2:31 looks over the top.

kayla26762 says:

thousands of real profiles real Russian women

ludebimmer says:

that’s horrilbe

silence6210 says:

I met both of them on two occasions. And danced with her twice.

ChaosCircuit says:

i’m getting sick… i think i’m going to puke….. oh the room is spinning

dammitdee says:

if that was a spinning contest; she should win, but salsa? no….it should be way more dancing.

apriljesammy says:

puras piinchess vueltass parece unn piinche trompo

Evie Hopkins says:

how the eff does she not get dizzy?!

babe0xxx says:


oscarcabezas says:

the guy is pretty smoth

Manoj Sharma says:

cooooooooooooooool …………… i want to learn it yaaar

piraguero2003 says:


piraguero2003 says:

I AGREE ! they are spectacular .but again this is NOT salsa at ALL!!!!!!!!

Juan guzman says:

I have seen better performances.

MzFoRi3 says:

wayyy too many spins

jazzybell86 says:

this video was what inspired me to take salsa dance classes!!!!!!

bchamseddine says:


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