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Close This is salsa dance lesson to the salsa basic steps to salsa danci…


SlimChance718 says:


haothuy says:

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hcdub says:

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chickentalons15 says:

i looked this up bc of cruuuz

jdance4jesus7 says:

salsa on 2 is better then this. lmao

m1y00t00b says:

Now THAT’S how you give dance instructions! So many of the instructional videos on YT only show the moves but don’t give counts or directions as to where foot and hand placements should be. Thanks for being so precise!

Roberto Alba says:

Thank you for the video. I’m Cuban, I can’t dance, and something must be done about it.

samuel karanja says:

who counts when dancing??? Just dance and improvise!

seison5 says:

Fuck I really need to learn how to dance. I wish I had learned when I was a kid and nobody judged me. Now im fucked and forced to hang out with the rest of the non dancing losers at a part lol!

RashnUniverse says:

loved your lessons, committing to myself to practice these steps everyday at least for a month to clear my basic level. thansk for explaining steps with body movements so well.

MShepherd88 says:

I actually think this video is better than the other intro one…you left the pauses on 4 and 8 intact in this video, but in the other one, it looked like the pauses were being left out when you did the full speed demo…the pattern was different than what you explained. Is there something that I’m not understanding? In the other video, it looked like you were dancing to a song in 4/4 time but accounting for only 6 beats and not 8.

blueandyellow1029 says:

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CASSGO93 says:

I’m watching people on the dance floor do this and I’m like “What the?” But your videos are crazy helpful! I’m sure it can be a lot more challenging to master it, but this is perfect just to get the basics down. And hey, when you look like a rookie, your date can always laugh, and laughter is a sign of a good time!

MOnialv says:

The chick need to give away few tones, she has not grace and moves unnaturally.

ordinarynslow says:

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joetighe says:

thanks for posting.

MIGUEL2005LIMA says:

gracias maestro

dncngbb says:

How cute…. but don’t feel bad most of ppl ask the same at the begining good luck w/ your learning hope u enjoy it and is great that u are looking for videos to practice that means u really like it.. =) keep it up…

Monsserrat Contreras says:

haha “now practice that alot.”

eriksperling1 says:

you’re retarded

joel joe says:

thank s for show as this video is too easy ti learn

Julio Suero says:

muy bien, gracias por ese video

Laura Ximena Torres says:

I like this songs:

-ezclavitud perpetua
-la pesadilla de la orquesta 8 1/2

crisdiazch says:

Burgos2406 is right! I’m Costa Rican and I learned with a lot of practice! Also, it’s important to know which dance is which one because dancing MERENGUE’s moves are different than SALSA’s. And here in CR, It’s kind of funny watching someone dancing with wrong moves… The basic steps in Salsa and Merengue are different, but some turs are the same

elga7ba says:

thanx .. ^__^

NewYorkBattleCat says:

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DanceSeer says:

Salsa is a clave dance and should begin on 2, especially as we get into more advance patterns. You club teachers disappoint!

IcyPhoenixOfMist says:

maybe you get confused with the counts…
You need to feel the rhythm like in all latin dances; but if you don’t got the instinct for that, you can practice it with counting
note as he counts in the video: “1…2…3… 5…6…7…”
so actually, it’s measured in 8 counts, but why they aren’t counted, is because they count as breaks
so you got: “1…2…3…break…5…6…7…break”
in these breaks, you never move in salsa 😉
hop it helped you ^^

alexkarin84 says:

i need a partner to dance with… ; ) lucky there is at least on guy here who knows how

5002020377 says:

thank much

John De Jesus says:

I know i wont learn just by watching videos..that i will need to practice regardless..but this helps alot..

i felt bad when my girl asked me to dance but i told her i didnt know how

apbmusica2007 says:

both are very basic in every way, perfect for someone who really does not know..;or so call 2 left feet…

apersaud says:

You might want to check out our newer ones. I think they are better than these VERY old ones.

Stefan Liebernickel says:

hallo apersaud – thanx for the vids, i’m a salsafanatic as well but sometimes find it quite heart to stick to that rythm of 1-2-3 – might have something to do with different rythm cultures i guess 🙂 but i simply can’t get it out of my head – after a combination of terms i get lost and go for the non-existing 4th step..

cuongnhu246 says:

I love this dance!

DontReplytoComment says:

this is way too fast to learn

oosummerprincessoo says:

Does anyone know good music to dance salsa??

cubanl0k0 says:

heres an even easier way go with the beat of the music.

PoeticallyYourz says:

but how do you exactly make those fast steps going backwards(for ladies)
i saw it ALOT in s you think u can dance
an di wanna knwo right was to do it..


apersaud says:

4 and 8 are pauses in the music.

geniu147 says:

im pretty new at this so forgive me for asking but then, why diesnt he ever count on 4 and 8?????

nyankee says:

great video. I need to learn how to dance salsa. 😉

tromboneballerina8 says:

Thankyou. Much love. 🙂

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