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ONLINE LESSONS!!! Learn to pole dance in the comfort of your own home with the hugely talented and graceful Veena! …


tntina420 says:

do what YOU want, it feels soooooo good. let people think what they want. that’s what I do! good luck. 🙂

badsilhouette19 says:


max camman says:

There are a lot of sexy girls on landofcams . com that get naked FOR FREE, much better than this

SneakyNinjaSistas says:

Really good! I want to learn some pole dancing moves because it takes strength and its amazing to me! (I just don’t want to feel like a stripper or people think I am) XD

tearsimmons32 says:

I love the song

RewindSessions says:

Luna Danu | Pole Dance watch?v= Jl6K-0I-5XE Check Out My Pole Dancing Video Please!!

Alice Andersson says:

You are really good! It’s really tough to do this! Keep on the good spirit :3!

varhanzboo says:

Girl….The money you could make!! Lmaoo

evanghelos77746 says:

sexy pussy!!! like u

seashore122 says:

You look like your flying

kevin maylam says:

naff i would(i would night ford) mr grumpy

10000000milesforlove says:

They really are so very strong. I’ve tried poling and just to climb and sit on the pole needs a lot of core/arm strength.

JuicyGummyBearz27 says:

I don’t even think of pole dancing as sexy or a sexual oriented dance.. It amazes me the strength these girls have

hayley kaellitio says:

there are stationary poles, spin poles, and poles that can do both. she has hers on spin mode.

MrJOHNNI74 says:

If you are looking to build muscle, you should do a google search Mega Muscle Method. That might help you get the body you deserve.

mytilludie says:

this is seriously the most amazing thing i’ve ever seen…i wanna do it.

ChantelD93 says:

Maybe you should think about learning to spell before insulting someone?
Firstly pole dancing uses as much (if not more) training, strength and commitment as any other form of sport and/or performance art.
Secondly just because she can pole dance does not mean she is a stripper or a slut or whore.
Pole dancing is a very good form of exercise and if you took you head out of your arse and maybe two seconds of your time to do some research then you might actually understand this!!

Lucia Zumbana says:

Wow 🙂 You look so light and your moves are so perfect!! I am doing it, too ! Hope to become as good as you !

Jessie Doe says:

Pole dancer: ” Don’t worry about me, just defying gravity here!”
Me: “Get real tired of your bullshit Gravity” 0_0

briana cojan says:

How is this innaproite?

rajesh bharati says:

If you are looking to build muscle, you should search google for Max Muscle Method. You are bound to get the body you deserve.

ShredST says:

The pole rotates.

soph811 says:

Her pole isn’t rotating her hands are rotating round it

Kara Houston says:


Jared Weeks says:

0:26 - 0:29 quite possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever seen

Tayla Frew says:

Pole dancing is a sport that helps u keep fit and strong, that’s the point

Steph5724ISBACK says:

I don’t see the point in this sorry to be offensive or anything I mean yea your great at this and I use to do this when I was 13 myself but I just don’t see the point in pole dancing :/

Trixie12545 says:

Fucking awesome

Lydia Burkee says:

my parents think pole dancing is not nice.

liNDSEYL0OWH0 says:

girl you have some serious upper body stregnth lol. i have apole but it doesn’t rotate like yours. i would love to get more practice but my ceiling is too tall

13rucccp says:

Damm girl ur hot perfect body & dancing awsome …

Josie Vv says:

How much strength do u need to do all these poses??OMG

anikamaier says:

wow how long did you train? and when did you start?

MsChronicChronicles says:

I bought my pole I was inspired to try this to help my back pain and IT DID*

Staubi111 says:

Du geile sau 😛

Ghans44 says:

Really flexible!

bigfive534 says:

So sexy

Wolfspirirt1997 says:


RawChanneLife says:

U Go Girl!

edvard gustapo says:

YOUR HIRED! for….you know…whatever.

sisi1993susu says:

This is awesome!!

Beachhz says:

This is seriously amazing.

JanisLady3006 says:

Sti cazzi… as tell in taly

MsMyKeks says:

Damn. I want to do that too, but how can I tell my parents… 🙂

brendagirl10 says:

I love

Woofspl says:

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DragonFire381 says:

Amazing performance! But you must have some outrageous blisters…

maggie magana says:

how did you get started ??… im very interested in this art but i feel i dont posses the 1 strength and 2 the grace for it

fatima Milla Dulanto says:

waooo!! flaca tu si ah!!

paulinetubois says:

Christian or not, it’s a sport and a art not a porn!!

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