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carlos barbosa says:


mozbius says:

Amazing stuff! Word to naysayers….That IS art!

Shigeki Enomiya says:

That version is played by Apocalyptica. ;)

lexi0522 says:

I think it’s the Apocalyptica cover of it. But, yes, not REALLY classical.

TheBossMeliFRESH says:

I am obsessed with this girl’s talent. She is so amazing! 🙂

Alexandra Hood says:

phenomenal.and have watched many times

TT1008Taipei says:

is the left one a spinning pole and right on a fixed pole?

angi0286 says:

my idol!!

Tamir Carrot says:

I’d rather not play Twister with her 😀

BritFiasco says:


briannaaranda93 says:

This is a true talent !

TheColliana says:

is geriausiu pasirodymu, kuri esu maciusi!!!!

Veritorock1 says:


AnniBoomBoom says:

i love her body *-*

BeautifulBeau says:

Played by Apocalyptica. They make Mettalica sound like it is meant to be played on the cellos. 🙂

Em Wilson says:

If I could end up dancing as half as beautiful/graceful as this, I’d be one very happy girl. Absolutely breath-taking.

Zincladel Chang says:

That was beautiful!!!!!!!

05121784 says:

Her upper body is amazing – look at her stellar abs! Her back muscles look soo sexy 🙂 I like how she keeps her look natural – light hair, fair skin. Amazing and inspiring!

Janikan1 says:

In case, its only a cover from this song played by the band Apocalyptica.

MyEurasia says:

More comments on what the song is than the video. lol

Leila Bensalem says:

that was beautiful oona, really beautiful. if i could i would move to finland to train with you!

ArielMercer says:

Great choice of music (Metallica), great dancer.

0r1onMovies says:

Just in case you’re wondering it’s a cover of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters.

David Mosley says:

This old dude likes such athletic skills. Top marks! My wife [several decades ago] was a top trampoline lady. I was just a competitive swimmer & w-polo player.

xP0RNFACTii0Nx says:

Apocalyptica – Nothing else matters o:

frixadora says:

@delikitd, One pole is a spinningpole 😉

frixadora says:

Woaw you are my Favorite, girl!! :]

killerkeeeks says:

@theresaX13 It’s Metallica’s “Nothin Else Matters” O.o So a Song from A Metal-Band 😀 Sorry for my bad English ^^

dasRammsteinchen says:

It’s Metallica.

NtrMssionHurricane says:

Apocalyptica ftw!

NtrMssionHurricane says:

actually it’s by finnish cello rock band Apocalyptica…

frankiefornication says:

she must have a lot of power between her legs…

Diane Shiao says:

how does she keep on spinning?

Joel Fridrich says:

nothing else matters!!!

ghery2010 says:

Exceptional, talented beautiful, never seen anything so perfect

king65891 says:

every guy in the audience that night left with cum stains.

Iridris says:

Like this it’s just a piece of art.. wonderful.

MrCrush279 says:

the song is “nothing else matters” by metallica so it’s not realy classical music 😛

HappinessGuano says:

Well, it’s a violin instrumental of Metallica, but still very beautiful.

Puddingbat says:

Achingly beautiful, truly amazing.

schneeehaserl says:


SoPoSchwein says:

So sehen Muskeln doch schön aus, nicht wie die Bodybuilder…

flaeins says:

i wish i could wake up and see this live every day

Kais3rHD says:

Heinrich sux

globaladmin says:

Wow!!! Never seen a pole dance before. This is so beautifully done, and so in sympathy with the moving music. Then looked thru earlier posts referring to Felix Cane etc and watched her. The judges must have been a bunch of pot-smoking 14 year old school girls – the sort audience Felix dances to. But Oona would appeal to a more mature audience, like people who have actually turned at least 20! Best get some new judges if they can’t see the beauty in what Olga has done here. Thank you Oona.

oklahomagirl89 says:

@ xxlilxxmamaxxbad
I was thinking the same thing! Made it that much better.

KaddhaDeLundt says:

does anybody knows which song this is?

Boricua Stoner says:

Thats the prettiest version of nothing else matters by metallica lyk ever. and she is amamzing. shes so pretty wit it

dasfkh says:


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