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Close Learn how to pole dance at home with my instructional videos! This was a practice before my performance at the first annual Interna…


Adrián Maksa says:

lol you never get any really good videos on here. this is nothing if you want real life horny girls who will skype with you hit this up in your browser:

Steve Kasiaras says:

I absolutely and utterly adore you.

aditya menon says:

I was always dissatisfied with books in which I couldn’t visualize the female protagonist, described as “the most beautiful woman in the world”. For example, Venus from the Greek mythos.

Well, now I have no more reason to be sad. You will be the one in my mind’s eye, fair lady.

AllieGatorUF says:

From Pleaser USA, but I added rhinestones to the shoes myself 🙂

canoeist2008 says:

Beautiful Graceful Loved it Thank you.

AllieGatorUF says:

Yes, Jenyne is also my favorite. Thanks for the comment 🙂

Autumn Apocalypse says:

Not as good as Jenyne Butterfly. No offense to this girl, because she’s still good, but Jenyne is my favorite.

mrspotato20 says:

You are very very good! i like 02:00-02:30 the most but you were awsome in the rest too!

Ericka Hampton says:

Wow… that was so graceful and amazing!

Dnd churchill says:

Omg im in love !! U soooo pretty!!

willubhave7 says:

I would spend more money on a spinning pole, than a standard pole


e boa

Sabrina Guerra says:

Where, did u get ur heels? : )

itstoriayo says:

this was relaxing to watch and it was so good! beautiful, and very captivating! I will be trying this soon!

lokkychauhan says:

after watching ur proformance i could only say who says dreams r not real….yessssssssssssss they r real….;-)

Maira oder so. says:

how long did it take for that ?

estrella8652 says:

very good dance

AllieGatorUF says:

Thank you!

joshjazant3 says:

Like to lick that pole.

mejislasher says:

Beautiful creature, if we ever met.. We would have an amazing time together

PoleStruggles says:

like “PoleStruggles” on facebook! 🙂

Edward Figueroa says:


Archangel Horus says:

I think that PD is probably the best sport. I don’t know why a woman would want to do anything else. It is also unfortunate that in my city of 5 mil people, there are only two specialized PD studios, with teachers evidently not half as good as you.

AllieGatorUF says:

Thank you, Camila!

AllieGatorUF says:

Thank you very much, Archangel.

AllieGatorUF says:

Lots of muscle strength and grip! 🙂

AllieGatorUF says:

Thank you!! High heels make it more difficult (especially if you do not usually wear them). The material on the shoes can sometimes help grip to the pole, but not always. These heels I’m wearing in this video are 6″ tall. They are Pleaser USA Brand.

Archangel Horus says:

Not only a very high level pole artist, an evidently very good dancer and a very strong gymnast. An amazing looking girl as well, fantastic face, curved, not scrawny body. One of the best that I’ve seen.

Disleydis Garcia says:

Omg u are very good at this! i wish someday do it so well like you (:

Jessica Weinstein says:

really beautiful performance! Question, do the high heels make it harder to move around, or is it easier bc it gives you a tighter grip?? 🙂 x

rebecca reid says:

how is it that you spin with no hands??!!
im so excited im starting pole dancing classes soon 😀

Douglas Thompson says:

wow amazing stuff , done with such style and elegance , loved it ,:)

MyTutorialFilms says:

and look who is taking about being moron ? look at ur fking profile pic here !
it looks like sperm all over the orange area !

Cathy Fer says:

it’s like being a sexist pig is directly correlated with being an uneducated moron. the proper english would be “so are you.”

eelexa says:

Thanks for replying. 🙂

MyTutorialFilms says:

so you are ! 😀

Cathy Fer says:

you’re fucking disgusting

str8dwnthemiddle says:

Beautiful performance and classic choice of music

Bridgit D says:


you want to see fat ass, go to the mall, any mall, they’re…. EVERYWHERE!

AllieGatorUF says:

Thank you! X Poles are the best!

syopimyo says:

not say so, formless

Ricky Ryan says:

Not fat, just full of firmness from muscles. 🙂

If it was all fat you would clearly see cellulite.

wahsohkwiios says:

nothing wrong with having a big butt, No one ever wrote a song about a flat one ^_^

MyTutorialFilms says:


MyTutorialFilms says:

Who ever gets in a relationship with u must be the luckiest thing alive !

Bridgit D says:

This is beautiful, you have talent. I have an X Pole and one day I hope I can upload a video of me and look as good as you! Very beautiful…

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