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Ученица студии INSE. Наш первый клип в направлении POLE DANCE.


Uśmiechnięta Rozalka says:

when you see this dance by this girl you have very good day:3

Uśmiechnięta Rozalka says:

patrzec i nie odciagac wzroku na godzine:3 super:3

Stêfani Melo says:

It hasn’t been clear, that’s why I asked. Anyway, dance is an art too… ;D

xAkiraTube says:

I mean what i´ve said 🙂

Stêfani Melo says:

Of course you’re not meaning that dance is not an art, are you?

Marta D says:

nickelback far away

Denniss Cabrera Gomez says:

Far away- Nickelback

aff tomo says:

Could you try to dance Splash Out 3.2.1 from Thailand? It’s so hot.

Костенко Родион says:

Valeria Kostenko

Костенко Родион says:

Valeria Kostenko

Cindy C says:

I need the name of the song, please!!!!

Vodkaiiz says:

love her butt <3

Oanh Hoang says:

wow, she is amazing, very nice … i wanna dance like this :@

Sara Thunderfrost says:

Nickelback, Far Away :3

Jeca144 says:

what is the name the song in the background?

perffect pole dancee *__*

dima petrov says:

Ахуительно упоительно !!!

xXNmkx says:

what a beauty

Irett N says:

make it availiable for mobile app, please!!!

Liana N says:

Nickelback – Far Away

Montse Hernandez says:

this is absolutely stunning AND beautiful

ferzha oliva says:

so sexy! and cute!

alixmaee says:

Does anyone know her name? Love her style and would like to find other videos!

ani29lol says:

Wow *-* möcht ich auch können *_____*

Ara Chinaryan says:

как называетса песня? пожалуста подскажите……………

pnada60 says:


pnada60 says:

ova bolja YOU!!

FreeeeS says:

The only time Nickelback sounds good… haha just kidding

Jayson Le Roux says:

im no horny, dude im just saying, although its an art and a good one at that – the most doesnt accompany it very well. No dissin on the talent though.

martins131313 says:

yes love!!!!!!!

wchiwinky says:


xAkiraTube says:

What are you talking about?
THis is not dancing !

Googaify says:

this is true art… mindblowing*.*

Metalatraction says:

It’s bautiful …

Sara Dirnt says:

Anyway it’s a kind of dance, not a fucking show for hornies.

Sara Dirnt says:

Nickelback? 🙂

john x says:


Addara Macedo says:

Пожалуйста, каково имя этого спортсмена?

saha127 says:

пошла на хуй шлюха!!!все супер, а ты гавно!

Marcia azevedo varella says:

showwwwwwwwwww bjssssssssss

Josefinexx says:

The most perfect body in world!


тема блин!

tribexa says:

Natali..Natali..please, ok! Work along with me here. I have my own version of pole dancing to do once in freakin while..ok. When women pole dance, it hear me…must absolutely be sexy, erotic even…dude, come on!

Дмитрий Александрович says: - вставить в адресную строку сайта,.

Natali Persson says:

There is NO decided idea of pole dancing. The dancer chooses her/himself what kind of style they like, and creates their own idea of pole dancing – just like any other types of dance. There is no rule that you absolutely have to be sexy in pole dancing.

NeCkItThEoNe says:

А где классическое “ябвдул” ?

sweetbabyalexia says:

her body’s great

Anastasia Belousova says:


Кирилл А says:


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