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Nelson Silva says:

horrible. money makes the girls fools. kareena kapoor revealed her secret boy friend in a secret party. she doesnt have any voice over it.

i could find the clip here –>

CivilLinkBlade says:

What kind of idol are u for kids

Azzy Mcvay says:

that nigga doin his thang taha.u know he hit that once or twice

Alysha Snyder says:

I love how lil Wayne is just like oh god

08fanram says:

They fkn nasty as fuck

WhyyDaN says:


ShadowOVOXO says:

they fuckin

Brett Sizemore says:

If your letting your kids watch billboard awards you have already failed as a parent.

Liv Flamingo says:

The award show isn’t meant for little kids though… So who fault is that.

B Sanders says:

It’s okay

MyTookie2010 says:

I can tell her butt fake

ExtendedEyes says:

1. She isn’t their mother!
2. Kids shouldn’t even have been up at that time.
3. “Good” parents will just turn the tv off.

BubbleGumGurl1234 says:

I think I’ve just been mentally scarred. Gosh I’m only 13 how did I end up on this video like eww

Barbiee Twinzz says:

NICKI MANAJ IS SEXY AS FUCK. instead of trindad james rapping all gold everything nicki should rap all Pink Every thing and do the Red Nose Sage The Gemini Dance THAT WOULD BE HOT CAUSE SHES SEXY AS FUCK

Soriya Elzey says:

Nicki & Wayne should date

berthav1960 says:

Niki and lil sould date

roman hoilday says:

My wifey all day everyday lil wayane died

Tynisha Moore says:

That shit was cool af go nicki u did that shit fuk wat everybody else say love u…….

Ruben Erdtsieck says:


micktheMaag says:

are ya kidding me.. the this stupid bitch who talks it up totally stupid shitheads all

lydiaaSmurph says:


todari wayne says:

I wasn’t ready for all that fake ass on my TV

nintenmetro says:

Both are 30 years old. Maybe Lil’Wayne wants to marry her.

Kody Lewis says:

Shut up like nicki is amazing she does what the fresco she wants

richard198096 says:

The killed it whatever if parents got a problem take there kids laptops or whatever like gosh stop with this kids not watching stuff cuz mostly kids watch this a thousand times like come on yal

Steven de Santiago says:

So what, everyone needs to calm their tits about 7 year olds watching, it’s not like they’re gonna start pole dancing! It’s not like you’re going to do anything about it so just chill

Oscar Gutierrez jr. says:

@mimis sanchez look she didn’t developed for little kids she is for crazy barbs

Chery Bowman says:

So get off her tip

mimis sanchez says:

nicki minaji is a fake af’, this is so inappropriate, there are little kids watching

Kelsie X says:

It’s a shame she’s all fake

Brent McInnes says:

You t.v. host ever comment on understanding of the lines preformed?

vanessabaiyewu says:

I think that she can dance how she wants 2 and the kids shouldn’t watch it

Nyshia Baker says:


Nyshia Baker says:


Uwase Bigiro says:


Uwase Bigiro says:

I don’t remember seeing this sort of thing even on BET. This is absurd! Knowing that a seven year old is watching that is traumatic! How can ABC allow this?! Even Showtime and HBO warn you about the content of a show that is coming up. Here we go again with Lil Wayne doing a ridiculous thing, first it was him equating Emmett Till’s murder to his degrading ways that he raps about. Someone really needs to straighten him up. He talks and acts like a drug addict! Why is he allowed to go on National

Aminah Tomlinson says:

Are kidding me? They allowed this on live tv? But seriously though, clearly this is very inappropriate. One minute I leave my couch to freshin’ up in the bathroom, and the next thing I know I see my friend’s little sister (age 7) who sat through this entire performance. All she wanted to see was Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift win the milestone award and for fuck’s sake the 7 year old watched a LAP DANCE!

Aminah Tomlinson says:

the picture explains it all bro

Uwase Bigiro says:

Agreed, ralpheyboyboxing. Real talent needs to be revived.

ralpheyboyboxing says:

a no talent generation what soo ever

Uwase Bigiro says:

No wonder Randy Jackson is leaving American Idol. He has no time to deal with the stupidity Nikki Minaj does on the show. That show is going downhill!

Uwase Bigiro says:

What a shame! Why did they allow this??!! On a different note, what is Nikki Minaj doing on American Idol?! What does she know about music?!

Alfredo Beltran says:

she is 28 years old and she never claimed being a virgin, for fuck sake even you arent a virgin these days..-

Alfredo Beltran says:

the performance was PERFECT, but not very appropriate for live TV, maybe for like bbc radio or a tour 😉

Alyssa Figueroa says:

Nicki is queen b

PieceOfArtwork13 says:

… And yet she claims she’s still a virgin. HA!

Christian Hooser says:

I loved it!

tesrahuff81 says:

They did a good job… for all u haters leavin negative comments suck a dick….

Angelica Olson says:

Yeah but thats why it isnt nice because it looks so fake

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