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Courtney McClain says:

OMFG!!! Listen to the real song it dont sound nothing like Nicki’s original voice if u gotta problem dnt bother to comment!!!

zezo ahmad says:

what the surprise

skibum415 says:

What a joke. These “professionals” who simply lip-sync due to “the potential for technical difficulties” shouldn’t fool anyone anymore. Minaj clearly lip-synced the performance and should have been announced as a dancer as that’s all she really did; grotesquely at that.

I guess families can’t watch TV together anymore. Cable is fine, but this c-rap shouldn’t be on broadcast, esp before 10pm.

Mike Smith says:

Killuminati don’t worship fake clowns ! God lives fuck the rest

Karagirl Young says:


rabeh la says:


Mariah Nelson says:


Krystal Glitter says:

Nicki n Lil Wayne r SO cute together!!! <3

Krystal Glitter says:


Krystal Glitter says:


Pumba P says:

Nicki is QUEEN.

Replaza says:

Fuck Nicki

Sayzaar Sifawa says:

I love lil waynes entrance and nickis but lil waynes more

mya helms says:

She gave life to him!

Peter Grifan says:

best billboard awards

Zoran Terzic says:


crunk4124 says:

not as cool as bieber getting booed

felisha hayes says:

You got to loveee Nicki Minaj she’s so pretty and her butt is kinda BIG much love go to you!!!<3

tqcplaya20 says:

That’s what all the fuss was about?

dariusaustin54 says:

This was a strip show because all the women entertainers were dressed like strippers!!!

MrRedboy992 says:

Nicki hot <3

Dan Wiberg says:

They will make some ugly ass babies!

Katie Beaudry says:

I anticipated the lap dance to be more graphic than showed here. everyone talkin about it hyped it up to much man.

Nizza Simbeya says:

it was great

MrWafflestomper77 says:

lil wayne’s stupid ass face at 2:53 haha

nicki minaj and Lil Wayne are a fucking disgrace to music

Constanza Salazar says:

I Love Nicki Minaj

ruffrider4451 says:

“All that ass” haha

scottmorrison5 says:

I’m by no means a prudish person, quite the opposite. But this is why our daughters dance like whores in high school. So glad these two clowns are the role models today.

scottmorrison5 says:

Do your think??

SylkFlowMuzic says:

Let me rephrase that for you
“Yes i mean it. I’m glad to see a virus on my computer which i got the previous week as a gift from another comment like this. Yeah and i won’t forget to give my email and other info so i can get my identity stolen and any other of my personal info. Yeah so you can get all this exciting stuff here try it 🙂

mila0487 says:

Yesssss nikki do your think boo

Mika L says:

All that Shakin an her ass still was not moving wtf lol

Sumara Jaimungal says:

Is that the lap dance everybody was going crazy about ._. I think that almost lasted a 5 whole seconds

dstrickland352 says:

Nicki killed it fuck u hating ass bitches

Robert Crute says:

damn nicki puh me in the chair nxt and lol weezy face says it all

Siyabonga Kenneth says:

These are Awards not a strip show Nicki!!! Promoting sex now/

ichbinprimoz says:

can’t believe lil wayne is a vegan lol

BiggidyBtotheOPP says:

She never even dropped it on him

IraMinajKnowles says:

oooh my God, I love my Barbie she rockssss… Lil Wayne stay :O ahahahahahaaha, I love you guys

Siamoel says:

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Dejan Stankovic says:

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Frank Nellson says:

is this an awards show or a strip club?

SamFreedom says:

Filthy pigs

ablethreefourbravo says:

People got all bent out of shape over THIS!?!! Lamest lap dance EVER.

nadiya vanburen says:

LOLOL, her ass is so fake she can’t even twerk. That’s hella disappointing.

Hood Veosdotcom says:

Bunch of nigger haterz

TessTwin92 says:

Lol his face though

MRTRIFE225 says:


MRTRIFE225 says:

@torch504 both you said stage “presents” FOH

brittanyillw says:

Nikki dance like a white girl

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