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Nicki Minaj giving Lil Wayne a lap dance @ I Am Still Music Tour (Bank Atlantic Center – Sunrise, FL)


Emile Wilmar says:

by god they are both so stupid

jasminepierre30 says:

Whats tht song called???? Someone tell meh I fogot

TheZeror says:

wayne hit dat

Peter Samanta says:

it may not be a real bottom but … Dammit ! She sure knows how to move it !

Derrick Gordon says:

She a hoe

Jenni Mendiluza says:

its funny how his raps says somthing about lap dances and loving them.. BUT HE CLOSED HIS EYES!! LOL

Rato Mickey says:


abhishek99999ify says:

Wayne is like, Please…..someone please…stop this….

keriheart101 says:

Ummm, this may be old new but still pass it along…

SB ( nicki’s boyfriend ) WRITES 90% OF NICKI’S CURRENT MUSIC !!!

#Fact, he says so himself.

Pass it along;)

Michell Luft says:

he jized his pants

awhitebuild says:

What’s the name of the song at the end

BlueNinja55555555555 says:

Lil Wayne had a boner…

Briona Comer says:

Lily Wayne look like I wish she was on my dick

toujours je gagne says:

What is the song at the end ?

toujours je gagne says:

Nicki Minaj ft Sean Kingston letting go fo the first song

mara sisi says:

0:36 what is the song??

toujours je gagne says:

What is the song at the end ?

tamondalexander11 says:

Nicki and Lil Wayne would make a great couple or Nicki and Drake

chevytahoered says:

Fake or not she know how to move it!!!

keshari roache says:

better than when she give drake a lap dance

Def Master D BroughamCoupedeville says:

Clowns get paid


they should just hurry up & get together, probs be the hotest couple out ! 😉

Mordecry Keith says:


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jadensmithwifey1217 says:

0:24-0:31 dat ass

rasheed gomez says:

oh f**K

lauren lawrence says:

tell me why thhe girls werin super bass outfits

miriam kioko says:

I love them both n think they make a gr8 couple.

purplestarzx3 says:

God i love her so much

Lucas Clouthier says:


Jazmin Harrington says:

That was sexy awkward

Ezra Grant says:


Ashlee Morris says:


stephany silva says:

damnnnnnnnnnnn <3 /.^

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LittleMonster2188 says:

I thought you were supposed to sing at a concert not wave a fake butt on a camera to a guy who doesn’t even want it…? Did I miss the memo or something?

PrettyGirlSimmer says:


april7752 says:

it is

april7752 says:


april7752 says:


fl9176353918 says:

Lil Wayne fucking ugly

Dominick duvall says:


MrKoolaidkid10 says:

Real or fake,id slam that ass so hard.

NickiMinajAhTwaME says:

Sexy Oss Onika!

NickiMinajAhTwaME says:

Nic need to give me 1 of dem lap dances! Gyat dyam!!!! Mmmmm mmmm mmmmm :p

miliamccall14 says:

Lil wayne was like put it on dayummmm


I agree with u her ass is fake

Britania Pouncy says:

If her ass was fake it wouldn’t move like that

jonny16c says:

How t.f do u put on that alfit? O.o

andrew200023 says:

Just fuck it and if it is fake its her money that she worked hard for ok so fuck you haters cause u guys talk about people who are way more successful than u will ever be

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