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damn! i didnt even realize Ray William Johnson already did a video about this!!! oh weeell i had to talk about this crazy ass dance from brazil here’s the or…


Justin Snover says:

or literal meaning of brown nosing.

Justin Snover says:

he clearly said that.

komlik01 says:

Crazy shit

phil silva says:

kinky 😉

kdfixee says:

the real translation isn’t ass kiss but yes ass beating 😉

BiggidyBtotheOPP says:


TheVoodoobassplayer says:

That’s how you get pink eye!

yessica atkins says:

Omg lol

xXxOUDYxXx says:

nobody wanted to know

Juliana Motta says:

Funk: Criado por um infeliz com a vida, com o peso, com a aparência, com a comida, com a roupa, com o cabelo, com o sorriso, com o time de futebol, com a unha do dedinho do pé dele

armando bueno says:

LMAO é meu piru gordo teu nerd

Matthews Carvalho says:

HAAHAH Tim trying to pronunce “Surra de Bunda” in portuguese was funny =)
but didnt sound bad tho! All the “FUNK” clubs here has that kinda dance LMAO

graffitmasters9000 says:

hell no

boricua0072able says:

Thats not gross thats awesome

Angela Ford says:

not in the club to some thirsty ass stranger but my man is getting a face full of this ass!!!!!

Joe Dally says:

Oh yeah

keff francillon says:


kamos48 says:

amigo nao fais istooo!!

Jared Troy says:

won’t say that when that chick breaks his nose….lmao

Patrick manning says:

i do it to a girl

GalacticBlader says:


Gail Cartner says:

im gunna put my sweaty booty in yer face! lmfao

Gail Cartner says:

hey you has a monkey on your shit! thaz meh fav animal ilove you!!!!!!!!!!!!! yer so awesome <3

sterling harris says:

Russell Westbrook is the best player of all time.

João Pedro Felkl Nascimento says:

I’m brazilian so I can say:

Actually the major part of the brazilian people hate it. This underdeveloped culture is part of a underdeveloped layer of the brazilian society: The Funkers ( funkeiros ). This kind of people listen loud “no-earphoned” music in the buses and, use to do creepy things, like this bullshit.
Most of brazilian population damn it like any other person which watches it. It isn’t Brazil, and it isn’t brazilian culture. Samba, Northeastern and southern culture are.

cjheroes says:


cjheroes says:


cjheroes says:


cjheroes says:


cjheroes says:


ruben solis says:

Fuck yeah read my user name

thanextlegend says:

Nigga…… U Now Got A Broken Nose xD

thegreenroller32 says:

3:06 Yes.

Redmailnet says:

It means Ass Spanking. (Surra = Beating)

girl67love says:

brazil love this kind of dance! muito porca

TheSpeedo666 says:


TheSpeedo666 says:

Baby bring that ads to me, anytime, anywhere

tiny derk says:


dubondsx says:

Surra de bunda is NOT “the ass kiss”… is more like “spanking ass”


1:05 i was dying!!!

jiimmy567 says:

now THATS how you get pink eye

Edgar Ramirez says:

Hell to y e s biatch!!

PhosphrescentEssence says:

I wouldn’t do it because…
1. I have no ass.
2. Not really my thing.
3. With my luck, I would miss my partners face and go over his head or some hilariously embarrassing shit.
Do I need to say more?

SnappBackFanatic says:

to be honest i porbably would but just like tim said only at the beginning of the night;)

Pedro Carapinha says:

Maybe but i had to be drunk to do thath

breezy ross says:

lmao Hell Yeh! i died at that part lls

IJackie1 says:

Face rape!

ramone2185 says:

WTF?! I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t let a girl do this to me. I don’t care how fine she is. Fuck that!

Ruxeh says:

that shit aint nice man !

Fakemw2 says:

@soshi124 yeah man the same i was thinking hahah
funny vid

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