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Close The Miley Cyrus Lap Dance Video, where Miley Cyrus is givi…


oasis4ever92 says:

sucking on her tits? I’d be jealous! not feel bad for them

rootles1 says:

who cares! Fuck yo

XxTheUniqueGamerxX says:

I Finally found BLACK JESUS

Lisa Kevlim says:

Miley is bitch

talkingrobots94 says:

U have no life stfu old man

Kaleighization says:

I really don’t know how someone can have an argument for this..
He is 40 and shes 17 giving him a lap dance…

XoMermaid69 says:


5crawfad says:

shut the fuck up

reinabautista58 says:

She is nasty

CduubbHD says:

Get a life how old are you 50 going on and on about miley Cyrus get a real job. If you even try to call yourself a “reporter” you are dead wrong. You only cause people pain in the world you do no good

hotassruby says:

Fuck all you haters lk a 7 grader that have a lap dance

Lidia Naiara says:

negro puto.2

Lidia Naiara says:

negro puto.

weeworld42 says:

O my ficking god they need Jesús

kammeren lester says:

He must be gay

sayonarasuicide says:

@Asa Adada I was being sarcastic.

Asa Adada says:

what has miley been through?

Asa Adada says:

she’s such a disgusting pig

Aubrey Prowse says:

you’re a fuckin old creep

kmacadaeg7 says:

Gay…. who gives a shit get a life fuck face. Damn….. lol. What a douche for makin this video.

Bader Almansouri says:

Who cares?

Maricalo87 says:

I don’t like Miley image, I used too like her in HM nw she married or engaged so early, I dun think her marriage or engaged wit Liam would not last long. Cause celebraties always break off easily cause they no need to worried cause they are so rich, and they can find any man or lady want.

Kheimp says:

Are you serious? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

prwolfy says:

Hater you wanted to take her place in the dance

jessingersoll2 says:

I dint like her but chill the fuck out she a girl she gonna give head / & fuck / + grind . So shut the fuck up & choke on a dick

jessingersoll2 says:

I aint like Mikey but really u sayn she a hoe ! every teen girl gives lap dances so chill the fuck out bye choke on a dick

kristi widger says:

she did it because shes a hoe

sayonarasuicide says:

Oh yeah because a 16 years old teen girl giving lap dances is totally normal and in fact healthy…oh yeah and “can’t be tamed” was a real bad-ass and she been through a lot…. Why are people so stupid?

fwarleader says:

That gives him a pass cause he is a faggot?

I would be in jail

TheMiimii89 says:

The problem is not the dancing, obviously. When you decide to become famous, it comes with a price. You have to at least “act” mature and tasteful when you’re representing a childrens’ network. That’s nothing new! How would you feel if Disney created a spin-off show about teenage strippers living it up and your daughter starts to imitate it? Exactly. Not saying that TV controls the minds of all people, but CHILDREN are so impressionable.

Malik Almon says:

Im sorry but the whole time I was lookin at to head it’s so damn big but good video

kingj330 says:

people aren’t perfect and know should that kinda of pressure 🙁

IckeExposed says:

you tell em faggot-skankman is one ugly butt raper you must admit right?

123ohlalala says:


YTmes says:

Sooner or later, Every Knee Will Bow, Every Tongue Will Confess That Jesus Christ is Lord — JESUS CHRIST IS LORD — MARANATHA

EmceeDeryk says:

you gonna tell them to your kids ?

NaegaJenJalNaga says:

When are people going to learn? The reason your kids look up to these ‘rebel’ ‘out-of-hand’ celebrities are because you fail as a parent. Don’t blame the celebrity if your own damn kid starts acting up. They didn’t sign to be role-models. Why don’t you have a little more insight and view of what your kid is watching!! Freakin’ gutless red-necks! There’s always a blame for every un-conscientious action done.

vladisimo93 says:

that gay is amazing at dancing

Zayn Miley says:

Adam Shankman’s a gay. Get a life TMZ lol

Serena Dunbar says:

Hes gay! They wouldnt get it on anyways! Lmfao! XD

Mewling Quim says:

If people don’t like what she does hey shouldn’t let their kids wary them. Or should teach their kids not to copy whatever they see. Shes an adult and shouldn’t have to hold back for anyone.

Domonique Jimerson says:

Ahhhh then you probably should have worded that atrocious sentence (?) ‘was’ rather than ‘is’. She ‘is’ human, she ‘does’ make mistakes. She ‘was’ underage, she ‘has’ done things that she probably shouldn’t have.

ThaLegacyLuh says:

imeant when this happened she wasnt even 18 yet

Domonique Jimerson says:

She’s 19 and going to be 20 this year. She’s also engaged to be married, rich and successful. While your having trouble just trying to be literate. 

beforever97 says:

I have so much hatred and disgust of Adam.

chiquito1616 says:

Damnn mileyy smh -.- bad girl lol

ThaLegacyLuh says:

of course she would shes a slutty whore
she is underage i bet shes gonna die of aids ine day

Woodsiy says:

She was probably drunk, and he probably took advantage of that…

InspireMeWithMusic Xo says:

Thats gross. Hes like grabbing her and pulling her closer from the behind. I wanna puke, pedophile.

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