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Palm Beach in St-Marteen, August 2011 Pole Summer Camp 2011 Sponsoring : Hip Up, Milan Pole Dance Studio.


melsmokeyalert says:

Beautiful & Amazing

Alicia Swan says:

Amazing !!!

Elizabeth cristina Barbosa says:


рашид и says:

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole — Over the Rainbow

Ducilene Amaral says:


4realhombre says:

She’s a pro!

TheShineyBall says:

Magic <3

micahlynnmouse says:

2-19 anyone notice the little kid revenge to copie

FairBanqZ Offiziel says:

32 Justin Bieber Fans

starbucksXoXcoffee says:

The little kids in the background ^_^

ecortez85ec says:


cucazzie says:


lizkel says:

Waikiki beach?

Larlzzl says:


kutsenkoinna86 says:

Уровень хороший,девочка сильная,красиво смотриться.А сколько это труда!!!

tmfahall says:


Ashley Handley says:

I know this is old, but it alway’s inspires me. I love it.

Jessica Storey says:

Beautiful !

Mikhail Smith says:

im wathing the kids behind her!

totalmentemarisol says:


LizyySUNSHINE says:

Lol who else was just looking at the little kids in the back?

LucyScreamValentine says:

her body is seriously rocking

Dallas Lunceford says:

laughing at the little shits in the background. they did an awesome job.

ka rina says:


Dobrota Dan says:

somewhere over the rainbow – song name 🙂

masteros50 says:

what is the name of this song?

zippo1951 says:

я в шоке!

Rene Augusto says:

peace and sensuality

beatifulfreeway297 says:

Lots of people say pole dancing is slutty because its “mainly” associated with strip clubs… But honestly it really isn’t when it’s something graceful and beautiful like this

chitoman01ify says:

Now THATS Talent!

Michele alencar says:

lindo! lindo seu trabalho! parabéns!

Steve Kalenich says:

When people like you who are truly ignorant of the sport of pole dancing and fail to see the talent, skill, and beauty of these athletes performing their craft and keep your prejudiced “stripper” minds out of the gutter the world will be a better place…….just saying

Rafał Rowiński says:

mi sie bardzo podoba :)

MegaYoMadafaka says:

Apage Satanas!

Елена Красилова says:

прекрасный танец!

vegetarianbellydanc1 says:

I love your dancing!! So beautiful 🙂

Taimoor Waheed says:

daddy issues

missashleyanne18 says:

Shes not stripping. so whats the problem?

Antoinette Quintana says:


Antoinette Quintana says:

Wtf a little child watching her on the pole!

Katianne Bransom says:

Perfect <3

Альберт Бикеев says:

It is… Amazing! :`)

I`m fall in love… <3

Мария . Мишер says:


Heavenlym Mim says:

so made me cry, thanks for this great performance!

strategmarketer says:

Why not? Kids are very plastic and creative creatures)

lakecityinvestment says:

very good but not in front of the kids though smh

maloolababy says:

So beautiful

xPinki123 says:

for how long are you dancing pole?

konopkoff says:

Супер девочка!

Sab57140 says:

C’est magnifique!! Ça donne trop envi d’apprendre ^^

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