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“Les Dooblettes” at Palm Beach-St Marteen August 2011, Pole Summer Camp 2011, Milan Pole Dance Studio Sponsoring : Hip Up.


DeAdriano92 says:


max camman says:

There are a lot of sexy girls on landofcams . com that get naked FOR FREE, much better than this

gynmasticsgirl556 says:

Pole dancing people think is stripping!!! This is beautiful

Mellissa Dubeau says:


Barbi Nikolidaki says:

ke ego ksero na ta kano auta ta kolpakia!
mmm!diladi poli diskolo e;

Luv0rSin says:

Haha for real

TheSpinDoctorsPole says:

They’re wearing the same clothes as anyone wears on the beach. What’s the problem? 😛

missnyareyes says:

so much fun and very inspiring! Thanks!

nicolawilly21 says:

so cool !!!!!!!

jessicamarotta88 says:


Ines partout says:

belle performance !!!

SkyrimTube says:

Both very skinny. Cool thing nowadays though – unfortunately. Nice performance anyhow.

Dóra Nyilas says:

Its a spinning pole..

vieuetcon says:

Superbe! Je suis fan. Les filles vous êtes magnifiques. Merci pour le Show.

igorek1950 says:

i am a doctor if y need i can halp

Phoenix Laforest says:

do the poles turn as well as the dancer sliding ? i try some of this at work and it’s extreamily hard to spin like this with out getting pole burn if the pole dose not turn as well??

latoya price says:

I think the pole tricks are amazing and the girls are beautiful but why is this preformed on a public beach with little kids watching i know they are not naked preforming but still

marion crampe says:

The sound is not the live one;)

marion crampe says:

The music is not the original sound;)

Andres Restrepo C says:

Worst audience ever!!!

audreee says:

now kiss

Murdocslove says:

Are there people DEAD? This is amazing pole work and there’s almost no response from the crowd for quite awhile. Come on!

LaMadre DuRapGame says:

O ptin c un truk fou c tro bo fdp

salamander igneel says:

oO xhaou  manifique ( mais les heure dentrainement sont la ) ^^

Julio César Mendoza says:

Excelente woooooooooooo =D son hermosas.

poledancingfitness1 says:


Pole Danseuse says:

Je présente quelques figures en ligne! Venez faire un tour sur pole position 😉
I present few figures online! Come and check 😉

KINGLUCAS1975 says:

nice song

nikkiloft44 says:


Sanna Hartfield says:


MrNicholas8 says:

really fucking awesome!!

worley babb says:

all i have to say is wow!!! thats was the coolest thing i have seen on you tube…just beautiful!!!!

Typhaine1 says:

profesionnel et magic!

radiance370Z says:


radiance370Z says:

so true

kissmeimarockstar says:

This is art.

jackmaktub1 says:

use somebody- king of lion

MegaKalink says:

qual nome dessa musica,por favor??

Kenzoki14 says:

Je suis très admirative de votre duo 🙂

sweedz31 says:

Vous etes magnifique, continuez longtemps ainsi !

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