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Close Nouvelle MAPOUKA d’un village de Côte d’Ivoire. Les femmes secouent leurs ânes et de profiter de la musique. cote d’ivoire village dan…


alvaro alas says:

too bad they’re wearing long skirts

Dorkeyn Jordan says:

Africa is blessed with great things

oshane murry says:

dnt knw wat the fuk dem a seh bt luv video nd song

elton rodrigues says:

gostosas pra caranba

Ank6612 says:

So, that’s where I get my ass from.

Wilson Sampaio Maia says:

Em 1:00 eu me rachei. Demais : }

123misou says:

Trynna look black to belong here huh , I undestand lol

LoveLeeJoon oppa says:

yeah there are much better sites than youtube for girls. if you want the real shit this site has real girls nymphos who you can just message and they send you anything have a look at this bit.lyW32j15

Roc broc says:

u ant liein all tha white men who havent had black pussy u dnt know wtf ur missi n it is sooooo damn good and they treat us white men so good cook good goood head good ass i mean all u white men who have thought about take it from me its heaven

kasakasa2010 says:

w w w.your-dream-career. com

Cao Rafero says:

i think they rather something bigger lol..

davud kokehi says:


nat l says:

hahaha so funny :p

afroblack1000 says:

the video is amazing

afroblack1000 says:

i love this…whats the name of the song

GradyHomes70 says:

I love it

hayda tiarra says:

I find this soo beautiful.,., im soo proud of being Ivorian.,.,.

souadlakabyle says:

Mapoukaaaaaaaaaaa !

YouSoundBored says:

I’d give them the white dick

mistachuck05 says:

Oh yeah luv it

james cookliytr says:

These women are from Ivory Coast west african country. They are not hamit. You can see this video too :

Zuber Malek says:

I could fap to this when im tired of porn

Tarick khan says:

these women are awsome

chanfara chanfara says:

very sexy

LeTroy1Omowale says:


oliver69cork says:


oliver69cork says:

You may not be too wrong with that opinion

savannahblk says:

yes Africa yes, i must visit and hopefully stay. We must instill good values and other godly things in ourselves to prevent the recent bloodshed. Work hard and together with food, clean water and shelter top priority. PEACE and LOVE


i now understand why i love booty, it’s a part of us

Charles Jenkins says:

I knew it!!! Butts are apart of our heritage.

SexyChickkia14 says:

Watd the hell

MrGar98 says:

So so so so so so so so sexy!! I could watch these lovely ladies all day!

Sachin Thakare says:

Very Nice

Suarez031087 says:

Nice Asses Hopefully They Are Not Hamites.

JubaPrincess90 says:

anyone knows the name of this song? please

datdeel says:

American women take notes lol

ebooty84 says:

its in my roots

Lee Ward says:

Truth Holla !

helenfaye says:

Ill worry bout the aids later

smileydm1 says:

Well its like 2 live crew once said ‘ the pussy was good but she was ugly as fuck ‘ hahahaha

mgnyg46 says:

You know its 100% real ass. They don’t got silicone money

dozierII says:

Nice! I wudd fuck em all!!

vcharles07 says:

Ehwww wtf

MrBudd10 says:

yo son!! yaw keep sleepin on african women ,yo son real talk dat pussy was so good i had to slow down and marry one son lol!!! and datz real talk ya heard

g johnson says:

they could use their beautiful asses to wash cars 😀 —-love those booties

Money Maker says:

bitch please… I did wash my hands before this video though! But didn’t jack off until the next.

jdrhjr says:

I’m glad to hear that you wash your hands before you jack off. Bye, now.

Money Maker says:

actually wasn’t mad. I only bang clean pussy. :-P

Chamiya Edwards says:

Yall should of had round of applause lpl

jdrhjr says:


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