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Jessi2Dope says:

Right on! I agree with you 100% I love the sex appeal of pole dancers,and in no way does that take away from their athleticism and skill. You gotta look up Alethea Austin she is my fave dancer. Leigh Ann taught her. Anyway, Alethea had the same realization that pole dancers were sick of the bad rap the were getting and they strayed away from the sensual side of their dance. Look up pole dance bringing sexy back. Alethea’s video is amazing. I’d have to say its my all time favorite! Check it out!

ygrify says:

could you believe me if i tell you that i’m actualy here for the song ?

Jessie Aganetti says:

You said it well. She is an amazing dancer! She has an amazing body and talent and she should show it off! One day I hope to be as good as her.. This sport takes a lot of skill!!

max camman says:

There are a lot of sexy girls on landofcams . com that get naked FOR FREE, much better than this

nappydollz says:

thats whats up! how long have u ben dancing?

Dnd churchill says:

youre just amazing ….im in love .perfect!!

Specialmindz says:

Very graceful and beautiful. Nice to see a dance where no one is clinging and jumping around the pole like a monkey. Pole dancing is a dance, not an oppertunity to show off how strong you are and/or how many gymnist tricks you know. You did very well. I’ve yet to see a Miss Pole Dancer with your elegance on Youtube. You should be very proud of yourself and I hope you stay true to the dance and continue making videos.

Brandi Janke Andreasen says:


hollandchristina56 says:

She was boring Bt she was very beautiful

crimsonsorrow13 says:

Good god, one of my FAVE dancers 🙂 

helloyou832 says:

People who don’t pole dance have no idea how much skill these tricks take. So don’t knock it before you try it!

skylarstillwell75 says:


mariannecstasy says:

Amen sister :)

PunkGrl199 says:

I am no where near a moron. Anyways, I am not jealous of her because I like the way I look and don’t want to change. Sorry to disappoint you 🙂

bfp10001 says:

lol moron where you think it came from shut up cause you dont look a quarter of that girl nor have half the skill. Jealousy got to love it.

idagchick says:

This is art and yea this is sexy but that doesnt mean it is trashy. There different style of pole dancing. I love her see her newer video Leigh Ann Pole Dance shine bright like a diamond. Beautiful!

anikamaier says:

dislike sry

anikamaier says:

that is nö pole dance that is a Strip

diosmeryr says:

This is straight up stripping…

Branjama says:

Also want to say that if you go to a strip club most girls just shake their asses on the pole and maybe do one fireman or something easy. That is not this girl!!

Branjama says:

This takes a lot of grace, balance, flexibility, and strength to pull off! This is LEGIT!

pineapple672 says:

Thank you TheVampiress2009 it did start in a Chinese circus act , some people find it challenging to understand what pole dancing really is today.

forltl says:

nice ass poppin bitch

forltl says:

i like her. She looks kind of like a stripper. Got me hard

lyssflyss says:

Girl you were getting it you snapped! 🙂

tienqwerty says:

Oh my god. I love this girl;(

The High Priestess says:

Leigh Ann is by far my favorite pole dancer.I just adore her style! All other great talented girls like Jenyne,DirdyBirdy,even Felix have this amazing technique and are superb but I hate how they seem to hold back on the “sexy aspect” because then their massive talent would just be perceived as “slutty” .However,Leigh Ann ain’t afraid of embracing hella sexy in pole dance! IShe combines talent and athleticism with sassiness and sex appeal,and to me,that is what pole dance is about!

CoCo Hanson says:

Beautiful, so graceful and elegant. Those legs!!!

Jackie Zavala says:

I wish i could be as talented as you:(

erci67 says:

almost perfect

Nicola A says:

Maybe if some of you actually tried pole dancing you would understand how physically demanding it is and with time and practice you could end up with a body like hers instead of being jealous and acting holier than thou to cover it up. I’m beginning to take classes and pilates and yoga have nothing on this.

TheVampiress2009 says:

Actually it started as a Chinese circus act. I agree with your point though.

Bridgit D says:

I’d kill to have legs that long…they go FOREVER!!! HATE being 5’2″, love my X Pole though!!!

Scarlet Brady says:

I’d kill to be this graceful!

Scarlet Brady says:

How dare you use DB’s name in vain!

Scarlet Brady says:

bitches be jealous because “everybody wants to be a cat”

Ted Smith says:


thala0207 says:

Oh goddddd!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaron Avila says:

She’s fucken badass

Michelle Wei says:

1 mil views……………

ooomindiooo says:

best on youtube!

Ashley Laur'en says:

Her dismount is amazing,

öykü yıldırım says:

amazinggg xxxxx

Penny Walker says:

still one of my favourites

Lalit Kapoor says:

its real amazing pole dance performance done by Leigh Ann worth seeing the balance of act like a rop twist omg its fantastic way to perform.



kingikiller says:

I think i might turn straight

sburrell3 says:

At 2:05 she made me mad being that flexible. I’m super jealous

paya0078 says:

Damn it

september181985 says:

This was sexy AF!

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