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Close has a new beautiful studio on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood CA… Come check us out.


TheViciVico says:

who is that one that dislike this video??????????? WTF!??? retarded jealous idiot!
You are awesome! 😀

Alejandra youinstead says:

The name of that girl ?

crimsonsorrow13 says:

ive seen you do better floorwork : ( great pole work tho :)

Jenni Nexus says:


LaBlondine says:

Little Dragon - Ritual Union ( Tensnake Remix)

jandabamde gzagqonia says:

Good girl!she feels the music

Marou Placebo says:

Leigh Ann you are doing this so effortless and sensual,not even for a second cheap.I’m a great fun,well done!!!

nellydarkkiss says:

u need to make a vid dancing to Bandz a make her dance…love that song

بريسمة شداج says:


S Cj says:

Leigh Ann you’re a freaking beast at this! I just keep watching all your videos.

lauraalta says:

this got me motivated you are gorgeous!

ElleBarr1 says:

What song is that?!

Aria Ngaronoa says:


tiffsoyo1 says:

this is everything !!

Dominique George says:

Imm inn loveee wit this 3

kaje71 says:

Little Dragon – Ritual Union (Tensnake Remix)

Isis Citlalmina says:

whats the song called please?

LiNKlovely says:


eclecticdaisy says:

I loved this. Your moves are graceful and very fluent 🙂

crazyhighheels says:

I miss your heels you wore black strapless with the duo with alethea

jessica jackson says:

I use to be a dancer but I really love her think she’s so talented

Brittany Sparkman says:

I LOVE your style and you absolutely GORGEOUS! LOVED IT!

Hunny Doll says:

What’s the song called?

Catastr0phicM1nd says:

You are unbelievable. Every one of your performances is mesmerizing.

Maddie Sparkle says:

gorgeous girl!!!

VIOUTLAW26 says:

awsome job

Brandy Dillon says:

Little Dragon – Ritual Union ( Tensnake Remix)
You’re welcome!

Dirdy Birdy says:

Stunning :)

Мария Никс says:

what’s the track?

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