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You can find more dance lessons at This week’s salsa dancing episode is basically showing you a set of minor hand techniques…


cupcakeYT says:

6 years ago wow

andre turner says:

the intro looks so cool. The variations you do on simple moves makes it look great but you don’t go through them in this lesson. Pretty please do a short class covering all the moves you did in the intro (like you normally do). I really feel like i could do it with your guidance

jubyvera662 says:

nice {{[[ addicted 2 salsa lol.]]]}}}..

ilkov says:

thank you for posting the videos!

jarelchico says:

..But you can barely see her face….

Gianna Duarte says:

This is AWESOME! I really have enjoyed learning from these videos….keep them coming please!!!

KremlinH says:

Do you have a video that has a neck twirl (for both guys and girls) where one places their arm on the other’s shoulder and you’re supposed to duck underneath? Hope you know what I mean, I learned it in class but can’t find it anywhere

Daisy OP says:

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You are great at teaching because you are actually explaining what ladies do during the dance. Great videos! Thank you!

hot2bags says:

i still love watching these videos

brokenarrow2222 says:

i like your woman.

mmgoicochea says:

bistes? XD q aniimall.

senurireka says:

last chance Latino women need to meet you

osiris3yhn says:


dushansumeda says:

Think about your marriage and get a trusted women

Emily585Emily says:

i love the salsa dance my fav dance (: <3 great video

helikanimukty says:

Most excellent benaughty lady “”

Mambero75 says:

Wow it’s interesting to see the progression – Anthony you’ve improved heaps over the last few years!

cursosalsaenlinea says:

.Hola desde Tenerife mi mujer es venezolana y le gusta la salsa también. Estamos comenzando un Blog´s te apuntas a leerlo… cursosalsaenlinea

Elizabethbe1 says:


janosburai says:

salsaaa is the hottest dance:D

YhoanCali Baa says:

thank u 4 all ur vids… its great!!!

Inigecko says:

Nice dancing! I just learned the pre-emptive cross-body lead in my salsa class.

nasalstyle says:


beyotagy says:

hello!!Im from Vnezuela,i like your videos and it’s very useful to see the C.caption,but some times this block the foot,and i cant see the steps.I would like to know if it is possible to make videos with steps slowly.bye.

giovlanning says:

has de ser modista tuu para decir como se viste, cada quien tiene su estilo

Marisa Van der Laan - Villarejo says:

hello, I don’t know if you already have a video, but I’d like to ask if it’s possible to make one about turns for ladies. Like, about balance, what you do with your feet when you turn, hand position, shoulders… thanks a lot! or, is there already a video about it? 🙂
¡gracias y suerte!

whytewido says:

Melanie im in luv wit youuuu…. 😀

Dee Rincón says:

OMG she talks! O_O hahaha she never talks!

jirishus says:


ManiacCraniac says:

Es YouTube. ¿Que mas puede esperar?

82Manuela says:


x iLeon says:

Thanks guys! This beautifully fills gaps for the improver, so you dont end up doing the same cross body leads during a dance

27negrita says:

algo mas intelijente ella no yiene otras zapatillas o q

27negrita says:

algo mas intelijente esa wey no tiene otras zapatillas

streetzoldier305 says:

they dance really beautiful thanks for the help

Paul Smith says:

porque solamente escriben tonterias, es que nadie tiene algo inteligente que decir?

jozz2 says:

tus muertos

Domenico Dibello says:

He don’t know how to dance!!!

royalcoat1 says:

She dances very well

Martin Wessels says:

Actually you are doing 3 different turns/spins here in that cross body lead, aren’t you: 1 turn leading with your left and 2 spins leading with our right (high and low). It is a bit like following a hockey game: Lots of movement, but I hardly ever know where the puck is.

timbero1 says:

Two step modification? Off the clave? Where do you think the clave in salsa music comes from? From Cuba !! Fania is old music. Just look up Ruben Blades’ lastest video in youtube. He says salsa comes from Cuba. Celia Cruz & Tito Puente said the same thing. If there were no Cuban music, those Puerto Rican groups would be stuck playing their plenas and bombas. They wouldn’t have called the movie Dirty Dancing: SAN JUAN nights, because nobody would see the movie.

FlauschkatzNr1 says:

AP, hi, I really appreciate this! Can’t tell you enough! The cues to detail make all the difference. Here holding the palm upwards makes the lead signal clear and the turn comfortable. Foreshortening the movement on one gives the cross body lead an real easy flow instead of it becoming a wide and stricken maneuver.

FlauschkatzNr1 says:

Believe me, I am 2 meters and 120 kilo, but the ladies expect me to lead the dance even though I am having major probs just hefting my own self around. The whole move becomes natural and intimate and simply a very nice thing to do with a sunny girl: Take her for a walk and add a bit of spin to let her shine.

FlauschkatzNr1 says:

I have actually taken a one year course with a male instructor who would never give any hint as to how a guy might introduce a movement, always just tons of choreography no-one could use and all in a “slotted” stiff style. Along comes AP with his little 3 min videos and right away I see that handswing, first low and out on 1, 2, then up 3, – , for the lady’s right turn. Leaves me with less bafflement and panic, and with much more time to consider the music and the ladies.

Chochivoros3 says:

heheheheh, people from Peru actually dance salsa, don’t make me laugh , all you do when you dance is imitate a condor pecking its wings

Chochivoros3 says:

Salsa is not from Cuba, their style makes me laugh becasue it is a two setp modification of country music and completely off the clave. Look for La Fania, La Selecta, and other PuertoRICAN orquestas and then come back and tell me how to dance.  The Cuban style is anything but style

hanakogian says:


salsasaboryestilo says:

what ever is your idea about god, god bleses every one. what ever is your idea about salsa enjoy your self
salsaludos salsaman

timbero1 says:

You are talking about casino RUEDA. Casino can be danced with a partner or in a rueda. Funny thing you say robots, because that’s exactly what I thought when I saw those kids. Natural? More like trained animals. Robots dance just like machines wihout feeling the music or moving their hips, just doing tricks. Cuba invented mambo, rumba, cha cha cha. & salsa. Y Cali? Salsa from Cali comes from New York. Sabor comes from the African elements in Cuban salsa. Just look up Diana and Yanek in youtube.

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