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mohit2bali says:

these white chicks make like worth living

Finikan says:

yeah, me too.

Voltio8836 says:

hahahaha this main melody is ripped from Push it to the limit Scarface film.

serbianpride4ever says:

what is the name of the dvd that this is on?

Juansito sm says:

extremely sexy….

xoannie101xo says:

she kinda looks like Haylie Duff

Crystal Lo says:

AWESOME!! Can’t wait to try them out :DDDD

Danciu Liviu says:

can i know when you are going to club ? :)) :* you are a very nice baby but i am ROMANIAN :((


She makes it look easy

weiyuezz says:

great, i want to improve my dancing not by looking at some girl dancing. BTW, im a guy

miradolls says:

i’d do her

Nouuuuranlovesadam says:

Grrr i love it but its so damn hard at first

Nouuuuranlovesadam says:

hahahaha youre not the only one

rebeccajohansson95 says:

so good! it was funny to learn! 🙂

BJPen27 says:

she is keep saying cheast why shes not saying her boobs or her tits lol

loverofyou21 says:

This is soo cool i can totally do that now

KellyMariePreston says:

thanks for this, i’m shooting a music video today, all eyes are gonna be on me dancing and this has really helped alot! xx

ChloeLalumiere3 says:

so i just realized i dont know at all how to dance like this :/

GixxxerKim says:

seems like she has no bottom jaw, and is all front teeth. What happened to her face?

dorkyjerk says:

song rocks!

kila jackson says:

nice i really love this moves..ur so sexy but the girls with u are simple not like u

MaraPapillon says:

LOL where can you send money? ^^

hungarianflower says:

holy crap … i cannot do this!!

Kikyou9874 says:

thats bcuz she has no butt lol

DoemenINthaHOOD says:

I love love love it 🙂

chuckkatl says:

she´s damn sexy. hope i manage to dance like her

TheReggaetonMami says:


MsBigweasel says:

lol u cant do that all night lol

whara007 says:

very sexys dance thanks for showing us all 😀 x


what’s the song called ?

4lifejoker says:

sexy mamaa….

edel m says:

what size is the blonde?? i want her shape! =)

princesslollipop1 says:

i love these dvds..they helped me alot…very nice and sexy moves..i love how she breaks it down!

ihateFML666 says:


Savygrl72 says:

WOW!! That’s great!! I have NO rhythm & I got that!!! Thanks keep em coming!!!

poprostuprzemek says:

what is the name these song,please tell me.

MsCastiNgnets says:

very clear instructions!

sweetweni says:

her voice is kind of damaged o.o but really sexy moves

sahiggins212 says:

haha! i looked this up, but i really didnt think that there would actually be a video for it! i havent watched yet, but it sounds like i’m in for a laugh…i’ll try to keep an open mind

fexxi87 says:


Keeekse says:

Awesome, you can do some butt and thigh workout while having to hang at some club with your friends! Just remember to wear a sweat band.

Didgets85 says:

Actually I think her legs are just too long to move properly.

hardboiled89 says:


4teensanime says:

daayyyyyyum…. she hott

ladygaga1031 says:

She’s good but her voice is kinda weird.

OooOcherry says:

the girl in the front and the girl on the left are sssssexyy
but the girl on the right is bad

meliraspberry says:

love the music!!!!

kelly o says:

i want those jeans!! what brand are they??

Alana Nana says:

, ur so right! She looks like a skinny robot who is loosing oil gradually

paula jim says:

cooooooooool gonna try it :p

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